November 2007 Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 6 November 2007, Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall

Police Report

The police were represented by PCSO Garry Cooper who reported that it had been a relatively busy month for the Police in that there were some nineteen incidents within the Parish. These ranged from Domestic Disputes to Road Traffic incidents including two incidents of missing persons, both of whom were found safe and well.

A number of Non Dwelling Burglaries and Thefts from vehicles were reported and it is appropriate to ask Parishioners to be more vigilant, especially during the run-up to Christmas.

Due to the recent incidents of vandalism at the Bus Shelters, the police are proposing to meet the late night Buses stopping at Compton. This, hopefully, to deter a continuance of the mindless vandalism to the Bus Shelters.

County Councillor’s report

During County Councillor Charlotte Bailey’s report, there was discussion concerning the problem of Car Parking at the bottom of Shawford Down. It is understood that with the increased use of Shawford Railway Station, many Commuters use the Shawford Down Car Park to park their cars all day. Whilst there are currently no restrictions on Car Parking there, it was considered whether some form of restriction should be imposed. However, it was conceded that a restriction on the Shawford Down Car Park would only serve to move the problem elsewhere in the village. The situation continues to be monitored.


Significant discussion took place on the numerous Planning Applications concerning Four Dell Farm and its associated entities. The Compton and Silkstead Association are to expand to create OCASSA (Otterbourne, Compton & Shawford and Silkstead Association). The intention is to seek a Judicial Review on the A.J.Blake application which will probably be heard in the spring of 2008. This new group will give the opportunity for people to give financial or other support and there will be a Public meeting in the new year. In parallel with this, County Councillor Charlotte Bailey has requested a meeting with Planning Officers and Enforcement Officers from Hampshire County Council and Winchester City Council, together with representatives from each Parish Council to map out all the relevant Planning Applications submitted by Four Dell Farm and its associated entities and thereby determine precisely the current position and what actions need to be taken.

Finance and Admin committee

Cllr. John Richardson reported upon the proposed Parish Council Budgets for the Financial Year 2008 – 2009. These proposals result in an increase of 1.37% increase in precept, compared with the previous year, but this may equate to a reduced Parish Council allocation for each individual household due to the increase in the number of households within the Parish. The proposed Budget will be voted upon at the December Parish Council meeting.

Parish Hall

Cllr. Jean Millar reported upon the continuing success of Shawford Parish Hall. Takings for the hiring of the Hall are very healthy, so much so that it may not be necessary for the Parish Council to make a contribution to the Parish Hall Sinking Fund in the Financial Year 2008 – 2009. Such a reduction in anticipated costs to the Parish Council could reduce the amount of Precept claimed from Winchester City Council. Cllr. John Richardson will discuss the matter with the Chairman and Treasurer of CASCA to clarify the situation before submission of the proposed Budgets to the Parish Council in December.

Highways and Byways

Cllr. Patricia Caffyn continues to pursue the issue of Horses using the Footpaths within the Parish, as Bridleways. To this end, maps of the Parish identifying the Footpaths and Bridleways have been produced and these have been sent to the three Livery Stables in Compton requesting that Horse Riders observe the restrictions on horses. Footpaths can only be used by pedestrians and not horses. In addition, it has been suggested that meetings between the Livery Stables and the Parish Council be arranged where this troublesome matter can be discussed and resolutions determined.

Dog Faeces

Cllr. Patricia Caffyn also advised that yet again, more large black sacks of Dog Faeces have been left by the Dog Bins at the bottom of Shawford Down. It is understood that the quantity is far greater than that expected of a Dog Walker on the Down. This matter is becoming a problem and Mr. David Ball of Countryside Services, Hampshire County Council, will be putting up notices in an endeavour to stop this practice.