June 2007 Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 5 June 2007, Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall

Election of chairman, vice-chairman and committees

Due to not being able to elect a new Chairman at the Annual Parish Council meeting on the 1st May 2007, the first item of business at this meeting was again to try to elect a Chairman of the Parish Council for the period up to May 2008. Councillor Adrian Walmsley agreed to take on the role and was elected Chairman. This is the third occasion upon which Councillor Walmsley has served as Chairman of Compton and Shawford Parish Council.

Councillor Patricia Caffyn agreed to serve as Vice Chairman, in addition to her other responsibilities as Convenor of the Highways and Byways Committee. Councillor John Richardson agreed to take on the additional role of the Parish Council representative on the Sports Club Management Committee. All other positions within the Parish Council remain the same as in the previous year.

The Chairman, Councillor Adrian Walmsley welcomed the newly elected District Councillor Eleanor Bell to this Parish Council meeting.

Police Report

During discussions on the submitted Police Report, the matter of vandalism in the Children’s Play Area at Compton Street was raised. Whilst no damage had been caused to the Play Equipment, there had been some small fires set alight using rubbish from the Rubbish Bins. This had caused molten plastic and glass to congeal on the safety surfaces under the Play Equipment, causing a potential Health and Safety hazard. This, together with the significant amounts of rubbish strewn around the play area, has been cleared. The Police were called to the incident and will continue to monitor the situation via periodic patrols.

District Councillors’ reports

District Councillor Eleanor Bell reported, amongst other things on her induction and training courses, traffic speeds and lorry movements within the Parish, inappropriate backland developments, Motorway noise and aircraft noise and the Four Dell Farm planning Application.

District Councillor George Beckett reported on Winchester City Council’s response to the South Winchester Park and Ride facility together with the budget cuts necessary within Winchester City Council due to reduced grants from central Government.

County Councillor’s report

County Councillor Charlotte Bailey reported on Shawford Down and its management for the rest of this year, the Four Dell Farm Planning Application together with enforcement issues, Park and Ride, Safer Neighbourhood Panels and Community Grants.

Finance and Admin committee

Councillor John Richardson reported on the progress of registering the Parish Council owned land at the Land Registry, work on determining suitable “Sinking Funds” and “Maintenance Schedules” for the Jubilee Pavilion and Shawford Parish Hall. The Clerk informed the meeting that the Internal Audit on the Parish Council’s accounts and records had been successfully completed.


Councillor Adrian Walmsley reported on planning matters and it was agreed that an objection would be raised in respect of the Planning Application to develop a new 5 bedroom dwelling at Chalgrave, Otterbourne Road.

Playing Fields

Councillor Mary Shaw advised the meeting that the Parish Council had received a letter from Mr. Jim Kimber, the contractor who cuts the grass on the Playing Fields, confirming that Grass cutting would in future not commence before 7-30am.


A new Notice Board will be ordered for installation opposite the Church in Compton Street. This will allow for the dilapidated Notice Board at the entrance to Compton Street to be removed.


The complaint from a Parishioner concerning the overgrown hedgerows along Compton Street, opposite the Church, had been addressed by Hampshire County Council and the offending hedgerow has now been cut back.