December 2006 PC Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 5th December 2006, Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall

Planning Concerns:

During the Public participation session, there were representations made by several Residents over the Planning Application that has been submitted to Winchester City Council in respect to the erection of a single four bedroom dwelling at Red Lane House, Pearson Lane, Shawford. Concern was expressed that this development would spoil the character of the area, being an area of large Victorian Houses. Such a development could be seen as the “thin end of a wedge”, resulting in many more developments in the area and thereby destroying the distinct character of this part of Shawford.

It was pointed out that in order for the Parish Council to raise an objection, there has to be specific Planning Grounds upon which to object. In this particular case there appears to be very little specific Planning reasons to object. The issue of Restrictive Covenants is not deemed to be significant Planning Grounds and the issue of increased Traffic has already been addressed by the Architects with the Highways Engineer.

The Parish Council Planning Committee will consider this Planning Application in greater detail and take what action they deem to be appropriate. In the meantime, local Residents who have strong views on this development should make those views known to the Planning Authority, Winchester City Council. They should also contribute their views to the proposed Village Design Statement to be prepared in conjunction with the Parish Plan (which, if adopted will become a “Supplementary Planning Document”).

Police Presence:

Further concern was expressed about the non attendance of a Police Representative at the Parish Council meetings, albeit a written report from Police Constable Mark Smith had been received by e-mail. It was further commented that there appears to be very little Police representation within the Parish in general. In days gone by, the local Police Constable was always available, and was seen to be undertaking his rounds. These days such a Police presence is rarely seen. The Police “Partnership Forum” meetings, organised by Inspector S.France-Sargeant, would be an appropriate place to raise these concerns. To this end, Councillor Jeremy Dolphin undertook to attend the next Partnership Forum meeting on the 29th January 2007.


During the session on Finance and Administration, Councillor John Richardson reported on continued work in respect of establishing equitable “sinking” funds for both the Parish Hall and the Jubilee Pavilion. Whilst these facilities are the responsibility of the Parish Council, it is perceived that the cost of their maintenance should not fall entirely upon the local Tax payers, but a proportion should be borne by the users of the Facilities. To this end discussions are ongoing with CASCA and the Sports Club respectively.

Councillor Richardson also reported upon the completion of the Audit of the 2005 – 2006 Parish Council accounts. The External Auditor raised only one issue in respect of monies budgeted for a specific project, which were not actually spent during the relevant Financial Year. A revised procedure will be adopted for the next Financial Year end.

Park & Ride:

Councillor Adrian Walmsley reported on revised plans for the proposed South Winchester Park and Ride facility. As a result of the public consultation, the County Council has now decided to go ahead with the Itchen Farm site, otherwise known as the “Tarmac Site”. Since the public exhibition in the summer, the plans for that site have been revised. The access from Otterbourne Road will be restricted to buses turning left into the site. All other vehicles will use the access at the roundabout by Junction 11. The buses will have a one-way route through the site and exit at that same roundabout.

Playing Fields:

Councillor Mary Shaw reported upon various matters, including the Landscaping around the thirds Tennis Court at Memorial playing Field, the delays in painting the goal posts at Compton Street Play Area, work on obtaining a three year contract for Grass cutting on the Parishes Playing Fields and scrub clearance in the Compton Street Play Area.


Councillor Patricia Caffyn reported, amongst other matters, upon a significant increase in vandalism within the Parish. Last month it was reported that the Stone War Memorial had been vandalised, the cost of repairs amounting to �784-00 plus VAT which will be paid by the Parish Council’s Insurance. This month an instance of vandalism is reported where vandals have broken of pieces of wood from the wooden Bus Shelter, taken them across the road and set fire to this wood within the block built Bus Shelter. Significant damage has been caused. Additionally, a rubbish “wheelie bin” has been taken into the Subway under the M3 motorway and set on fire, causing a lot of damage together with molten plastic on the path. This has now been cleared. When reported to the Police, the Parish Council were advised that such vandalism is usually perpetrated by people resident within the locality.

This sort of mindless vandalism cannot be tolerated by the Parish Council. A policy of “zero tolerance” will be pursued, whereby any culprits who are identified as perpetrators of such acts of vandalism will automatically be reported to the Police.

Road signage:

Questions were raised over who is responsible for road signage on Private Roads within the Parish. A recent incident when an ambulance was unable to find an address in a Private Road raised concerns over this matter. Councillor Patricia Caffyn undertook to investigate this matter and report back to the next Parish Council meeting. The question is whether the residents on a Private Road are responsible for erecting the appropriate road signs or not.

Local Government White paper:

Recent circulars concerning the “Local Government White Paper” had been reviewed by the Chairman, Councillor Jeremy Dolphin. Whilst there appears little there to affect this Parish Council, the position might be different if Compton and Shawford Parish Council achieved “Quality Status”. Whilst such Parish Councils as this are being encouraged to achieve “Quality Status”, the benefits are uncertain. This whole question will be revisited next year.