June 2003 PC Meeting Report

Report on the June Meeting
Tuesday 3rd June 2003, Shawford Parish Hall

It was disappointing to note that there were no members of the Public in attendance at this month’s Parish Council meeting.

District Councillor’s Report

District Councillor Charlotte Bailey reported that Dog Bins will be installed on Shawford Down by Hampshire County Council. However, before this can be implemented, all countryside wardens are to be trained so that they will have the powers to stop and fine people who fail to clear up after their dogs. Accordingly, the Dog Bins will only be installed when a properly managed system of enforcement can be provided.

District Councillor Charlotte Bailey also outlined the Committees she will be sitting on resultant from the recent Winchester City Council Elections. Most notable of these are the Environment and Access Performance Improvement Committee and eventually the Principal Scrutiny Committee. Extensive discussion took place on whether the Principal Scrutiny Committee would be able to bring pressure to bear on the Winchester City Council Planning Department and correct what is thought by Parish Councillors to be the misleading of the Planning Committee by the Planning Officers in respect of interpretation of government guidelines as contained in PPG3.


Cllr. Mr. M.Bell reported on various Planning Issues. A recent Planning Appeal in the Eastleigh District appears to set a precedent when considering the implementation of PPG3 in areas such as Sha3wford Down and Compton Down. The appeal to implement housing densities in accordance with PPG3 guidelines was thrown out, as the proposal was not in keeping with the Character of the area.

The Longacre decision will be delayed until the July meeting of the W.C.C. Planning Committee. It is disappointing that individuals, including the Parish Council representative, will have only three minutes in which to make their representations.

It was asked if the Parish Council are to raise objections to the Draft Local Plan. It is understood that in this second round of consultations, only comments on the changes to the Draft Local Plan will be accepted. Cllr. M.Bell said he was tempted to comment on the incorrect use of the word “requirement” (for high density development) which he believes to be misleading, as it is only guidance. He will be looking into this matter further. Additionally, many of the changes result in less flexibility in applying the plan and therefore The Parish Council are entitled to object to the plan.

Finance Committee

Cllr. Mr. N.Campbell-White presented the Parish Council accounts for the financial year ending 31st March 2003, which were formally adopted by the Parish Council. Following on from this it was agreed to engage BKR Haines Watts as Internal Auditor to audit these accounts preparatory to submitting them to the External Auditor, the District Audit Office, Plymouth. The date of 8th September 2003 has been set as the date upon which these accounts are to be audited by the External Auditor.

New Pavilion Project

The New Pavilion project continues to progress, Cllr. Mr. G.Beckett reported that Mr Paul Murray had a very successful meeting with the contractors who had now commenced activities on-site. The draft contract with the contractors, with all requested amendments had been received and is to be reviewed and signed shortly. As is usual practice, work on-site will not be delayed pending completion of contractual matters.

Memorial Playing Field

The long outstanding matter of screening the refurbished Tennis Courts at Memorial Playing Fields, from neighbouring properties has now been finalised. The Tennis Club have planted the three ornamental trees along the boundary fence in accordance with the Parish Council’s wishes.

Bus Shelters

Cllr. Mrs. Celia Simmons reported on progress in installing a new Bus Shelter at the end of Attwoods Drove. Quotations for the appropriate style of Bus Shelter are now being actively sought.

It was also reported that Human excreta had been deposited within the Bus Shelter on the main road, Southampton side. It is very disappointing that such behaviour has occurred within the Parish and gratitude was expressed to Mrs Jan Russell who had the un-enviable task of cleaning it up. The Bus shelter will be painted again as will the Bus Shelter in Southdown Road, which also needs repainting.