March 2003 PC Meeting Report

Report on the March Meeting
Wednesday 5th March 2003, Shawford Parish Hall

New Pavilion Project – Sport England award

This month the Parish Council meeting was exceptionally moved to Wednesday 5th March due to a pre-arranged fund raising event in connection with the new Sports Pavilion project. It is pleasing to note that this fund raising event raised approximately £3,000.00, thereby achieving the necessary additional funding for the project. Congratulations and thanks to Mr. Paul Murray were expressed by the Parish Council for all the work that he and his committee have undertaken on this project. It was reported that confirmation had been received from Sport England that the application for Lottery Funding had been successful and that the total funding for the project was now in place. Work can now commence in respect of finalising the details for starting the construction.

Post Office

District Councillor Charlotte Bailey reported that plans are progressing well in respect of opening a part time Post Office in the village of Compton. It is planned that Post Office facilities will be available in the Scout Hut on Friday mornings. This facility is to be provided by Vanessa Smith who also runs the part time Post Office in Shawford Parish Hall. [Editor’s note: This report was somewhat optimistic – informal discussions have been held with the Post Office but there are no commitments and the Scout Hall is not available on Friday mornings]

Footpaths – flooding

Cllr. Mr. Tom Threlfall reported on the flooding caused by the collapse of the embankment along the Itchen Navigation, just below the Malms. Currently large amounts of water are flowing out of the Itchen Navigation, across the fields and into the river. The appropriate agencies have been fully informed of this and it is understood that remedial actions are in hand.


Cllr. Mr. Martin Bell reported on Planning Applications and Decisions, most notably those covering the proposal to build 14 dwellings off of Highways Road. It was considered that the Parish Council should object to this application due to the fact that 14 dwellings were considered over-development. The Parish Council had previously not objected to a proposal for 8 dwellings on this site. It was noted that the recent Planning Application for a single dwelling at Mawdlam Lodge had been refused permission, but it is understood that this will be appealed.

Cllr. Bell also reported that Twyford Parish Council are seeking Compton and Shawford Parish Council’s support in objecting to the proposed change of use of Agricultural buildings at Humphries Farm, Twyford, to industrial units. Further discussions with Twyford Parish Council will take place as the development is clearly in view from many parts of Shawford.

M3 Noise campaign

Cllr. Mrs. Celia Simmons and County Councillor Ann Bailey both reported upon their work in respect of the M3 Noise project. Extensive work has been undertaken by the Committee in preparation of petitions. Additionally, numerous meetings have taken place with experts on this subject in order to compile the most effective action in achieving the aims of this project. It was emphasised that additional voluntary assistance is needed to help in the campaign for a quieter M3 motorway surface in the short term. (See their Spring Newsletter for more details)

Bus shelter – Atwoods Drove

Cllr. Mrs. Celia Simmons also reported that the Parish Council have been successful in their application for a grant from Hampshire County Council, Delegated Fund, for the installation of a new Bus Shelter at the end of Attwoods Drove. The grant obtained is for the sum of £2,600-00, the remainder of the necessary funds being contributed by the Parish Council. Cllr. Simmons will now proceed with discussions with the appropriate authorities and suppliers of a suitable bus shelter.