October 2001 PC Meeting Report

Report on the OCTOBER Meeting
Tuesday 2nd October 2001, Shawford Parish Hall

The Chairman, Cllr. N.Campbell-White started the meeting by advising members that Councillor Stuart Jennings had resigned as Parish Councillor. Accordingly the process for filling a casual vacancy is to be initiated.

County Councillor’s report

County Councillor Ann Bailey reported on the extension of Planning Permission of the Otterbourne MRF. A period of a further three years has been agreed and concern was expressed in that Compton and Shawford were not consulted even though this facility necessitated heavy traffic to pass through the Parish. Hampshire County Council will be asked to explain this omission.

M3 Noise

It was reported that the Public Meeting concerning the M3 noise levels is to be held in Otterbourne Parish Hall on Monday 8th November starting at 7.30pm. Mark Oaten, the local Member of Parliament, will be in attendance. All interested parties are invited to attend.

Telephone kiosk

Cllr. Mr. T.Threlfall reported the disappearance of the Telephone kiosk in the centre of Shawford village. It was noticed that this kiosk had been damaged and shortly after disappeared altogether with the ground tarmac’d over. Investigations will take place to ascertain the impact this will have on local parishioners and as to why it has been removed.

New Pavilion Project

Work upon the New Pavilion Project continues with an agreement to authorise expenditure on professional and other fees in support of the Lottery Bid. This expenditure is capped at £2,000 and will be closely monitored by the Sub-committee as well as the New Pavilion Building Committee.

Civic Service

A good response to the Invitations for the Civic Service was reported. The Civic Service is to be held at All Saints Church, Compton, on the 21st October 2001 and is jointly organised by the Parish Council’s of Compton and Shawford together with Otterbourne.

Possible Youth project

Cllr. Mr. M.Bell reported on his investigations regarding what could be considered for the Youth of the village. In consultation with “Winchester Detached Youth Work Project”, a registered charity, investigations into the feasibility of undertaking a survey is being pursued without commitment.