October 1999 PC Meeting Report


Visit of MP

The Chairman, Cllr Nick Campbell-White, warmly welcomed Mark Oaten MP, who joined councillors and members of the public at the meeting. Mr Oaten declared his intent to visit every parish council in his constituency in order to cement lines of communication and get to know individuals serving on the councils. Topics of mutual interest which were discussed during his visit were:

  • waste management – landspreading of waste at Compton
  • the future of parish councils
  • speed of traffic on local roads
  • the rural crisis – closing of village shops and post offices.


Concern was expressed that a permanent camp site may be established on land at Shepherds Lane without the protection of planning restraints because of lack of action by the Winchester City Council’s Enforcement Officer. It was agreed that a letter should be sent detailing the parish council’s concerns.

New pavilion

In respect of proposals for the new sports pavilion, confirmation was requested as to whether some activities provided for were for formal sport participation or recreational only. Members were assured that Sport England was willing to accept some sport facilities for recreational purposes only. Receipt of the Lottery Fund Application has been acknowledged but it will be some time before a decision is reached owing to the heavy workload of the Board’s officers.

Parish Hall

Shawford Parish Hall has now been handed over to Compton and Shawford Community Association (CASCA). CASCA are now carrying out the day to day management of the hail. It is hoped that the builders will complete the Post Office shortly; the paved mosaic and revised car parking layout will be completed when the agreed grants are paid. In the meantime, the other new facilities are already in use.

Street lighting

The council were advised that Hampshire County Council would be installing the additional street light at the junction of Otterbourne Road and Compton Street very shortly.

New Noticeboards

Delivery has been taken of two new noticeboards which will be installed outside Compton Stores and the other on the Memorial Playing Field, near the post box.

Bus shelter – Southdown

Following a request from a parishioner for a bus shelter at Southdown for those travelling towards Southampton, it was agreed that the parish council could not fund a shelter of similar style to others in the parish at present. It was agreed to initiate research into alternative types of shelters, particularly second hand ones from Winchester, the costs involved and the ownership of the land on which the shelter might be situated.

Dog Fouling regulations

Now that Winchester City Council has regulations in place to indict anyone who fails to clear dog excrement from a public place, it was agreed to draw attention to the nuisance that such mess causes on the Memorial Playing Field. Parishioners are politely reminded that the new law, which took effect in June 1999, requires that persons in charge of a dog must clean up after it has fouled on designated land.

Pavements, parks, open spaces, amenity areas, grass verges and playing field are all designated land.

Failure to comply can result in a fixed penalty fine of £25 or prosecution in the magistrate’s court where the maximum fine is £1,000.