September 1999 PC Meeting Report


Acting Parish Clerk

Members of the Council were grateful to Mrs Mary Davis for agreeing to act as temporary Clerk in the absence of Mr D Richman.

School Standards and Framework Bill and School Governors

Despite amendments proposed in the House of Lords, it appears that this bill removes Parish Councils. powers to nominate a local school governor as of right. However in a recent letter Hampshire County Council explained that a Governor from a Minor Authority (a Parish or District Council) could be co-opted. Hampshire Association of Parish and Town Councils is still making representation to the Government that this omission in the current Government Statute should be amended. Cllr R Wilmshurst confirmed that as a School Governor he continues to represent the Parish Council.

Routeing of Aircraft and Noise – Compton & Shawford

It was generally felt that aircraft using Southampton Airport were taking short cuts. Parishioners who are worried about overflying should continue to report to Grp Capt M Dawson or Mr R Tice with as many details of date, time, type of aircraft and direction of flight as possible.. Our representatives need to be able to submit detailed evidence when talking to the Southampton Airport liaison committee about aircraft movements.

Provision of Speed Humps in Compton Street

Cllr Mr R Wilmshurst reported that the Tenants Association did not support the installation of speed humps. He had yet to make contact with other interested parties. The Police had been more active of late and  “no parking” bollards had appeared in Martins Field to prevent dangerous parking by users of the play school.. This year funding for lighting at the junction of Compton Street and Otterbourne Road has priority. More evidence of public support would be needed before the Parish Council would consider funding speed humps in a future financial year.

Parish Millennium Celebrations

A Chairman to co-ordinate Parish festivities is still needed. The meeting of representatives from all Parish associations in February had produced very few volunteers. No activities are contemplated for the end of the year, but we still hope that someone will come forward to lead Parish celebrations in the summer of the year 2000.

Installation of light at junction of Compton Street and Otterbourne Road

The Parish Council has been pressing for safety improvements in this area for some years. As HCC now have matching funds available immediately the Council decided that we should not miss the chance of installing lighting at this poorly lit junction even though it had not been allowed for in this year. s budget.

New Sports pavilion

  1. Councillors were pleased to learn that their appeal (against Winchester City Council’s refusal to grant permission for the modified plans) has been allowed by the Inspector.
  2. A member of the public asked about the use of monies from the Open Space Fund. The Chairman explained that the money comes from new buildings in the Parish when a developer is required, as a condition of planning consent, to make a contribution to the Open Space Fund. At present, our parish’s share of the fund is about £17,000 of which £8,500 has been currently earmarked for the sports pavilion. The funds can be called on when we can convince Winchester City Council, who administer this fund, that we have a suitable project.

Spreading of Sewage and Sludge

The Parish Council continues to be concerned about this matter and has written to the Environment Protection officer asking that the practice be stopped. A copy of a letter addressed to the Environment Protection Agency about sludge appears elsewhere in this magazine for information.

Mary S Davis
Acting Clerk