February 1999 PC Meeting Report

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on 2 February with Mr AD Walmsley in the Chair.

Traffic calming.

It was reported that the issue had not been fully addressed in the Parish and that Cllr Whitaker is to supply County Cllr Mrs Bailey with a list of reported items that had not been attended to.

Questions and submissions

continue to be submitted to the Council concerning the proposed new pavilion with a request for a further referendum, which matter had been considered and voted against at the January meeting, also, matters concerning the larger revised plan, appointment of new architect and his failure to address concerns expressed, costs to date, maintenance costs and support for the new plan etc. A written reply is to be made to Mr M Bell. Mr Jordan expressed concern regarding finances and the plan for the precept, also, that disquiet had been expressed by derogatory remarks made at the by-election on 17 December.

County Councillors’ Report.

Mrs Bailey reported the residents suggested HGV diversion from Hiltingbury and Hocombe Roads, Chandlers Ford, to Poles Lane, Otterbourne, had proved unsuccessful but the situation is to be monitored after implementation of traffic calming measures. A resolution was also passed by the HCC Roads and Development SubCtte on 18 January for a speed, weight and width restriction on the roads, also, that the County Surveyor be requested to investigate the feasibility of providing an access only junction to the M3 at the Otterbourne underpass.

Police Report

Cllr Campbell-White reported that traffic police are monitoring the speed of traffic, day and night, on Otterbourne Road at the junction with Compton Street.

Aircraft Noise – Compton and Shawford.

A meeting is to be arranged shortly with the Managing Director of Southampton International Airport.

Parish Millennium Celebrations.

A Millennium Planning Meeting had been held on 1 February, when the meeting reviewed the proposals from the first meeting in August. No spectacular parish events on 31.12.99. as large events are likely to be held in the City, Parish Council to work towards a “Millennium Week” of special events along the lines of the of the recent successful Parish Hall Centenary Celebrations, in the summer in various locations. The week could incorporate regular events such as the Horticultural Society Annual Show, and opening of gardens; special parties; cricket, football and tennis competitions; and be rounded off by amateur dramatics on the final night. Some form of permanent record is desirable. Video, CDs, printed books and framed historic photographs should all be considered. A service or concert at the end of year 2000 to mark the beginning of a second Christian Millennium to be suggested to the new Rector A millennium maze is planned for the Parish Hall patio. Other suggestions included a gate to the entrance to Shawford Down, a welcome sign at the entrance to the village and improvements to children’s playgrounds.

Donation to school building project.

Agreed the sum of £6000.00 payable by instalments of £2000.00 in the years 2000/2001 2001/02 2002/03.

[Editor’s note: the original parish magazine entry gave the years as 2001/2002 2002/2003 and 2003/2004. This has been corrected to agree with the council minutes]

Winchester District Local Plan.

Adopted by WCC on 22 April 1998 until 2001 and confirms the Parish Council past views but strategic gaps are to be reviewed which matter will be watched by the Council.

Bushfield Camp project.

Considered that the proposed park and ride site is wrongly located at the top of Bushfield Camp and needs to be near Badger Farm Road and screened. Cllrs Mrs JM Millar and R Whitaker to attend a site meeting

New Pavilion Sub-Committee

Cllr K Staunton working on a method of how to better inform parishioners on the project.

Parish Hall refurbishment.

Building works due to commence on 15 February and expected to be completed by the end of July. The car park will be operational during works and WCC is to be consulted regarding planting.

Parish Hall development site.

Although none of the four houses have been completed it was reported that three had been sold.

Bus shelter requirement opposite Shepherds Lane Bridge.

Further support for the project has been received. HCC have no suitable (used) bus shelters but WCC have offered a grant of £1000.00 towards this project in the next financial year and HCC may have money available at the end of this financial year but the PC will have to make a case for this with the help of local residents.

Budget/Precept 1999/2000.

Following consideration of budgets, including unexpected expenditure of £13,000 for construction of a necessary retaining wall at the parish hall, it was decided to precept on WCC for £26000.00 being an increase of 40% over last year.

DWH Richman
Parish Clerk
17 February 1999