Barrie Hazlitt


You will no doubt by now have heard of the tragic death of Barrie Hazlitt in a car accident last Tuesday 14th May 1996.
Those members of the Parish Council who knew him are particularly saddened at this loss, and are writing these few words to pay tribute to the hard and detailed work he did for the parish.

Although Barrie retired from the Council in May through ill-health, we fully expected we would be able to call on his knowledge and expertise from time to time.

Barrie joined the Parish Council in May 1988, and has served on virtually all the Committees over his period with us. He was latterly, variously, the Council representative on the C.P.R.E. (Council for the Protection of Rural England), on the W.DAP.C. (Winchester District Association of Parish Councils) and on the S.V.RA (Shawford Village Residents’ Association). He was until recently our footpath’s representative, and walked the parish footpaths, noting problems and arranging for the relevant authority to effect repairs and maintenance. He was convenor of the Parish Facilities Committee and was instrumental in helping to form policy in the proposed Parish Hall Development, and on the proposed Sports Pavilion Replacement. Prior to that he was convenor of the Highways, Byways and Rights of Way Committee, and it was in this capacity that he will be best remembered.

Barrie was a stickler for detail, he had the ability to cut through H.C.C. and W.C.C. red tape, and he had the patience and tenacity to stay with a problem until it was sorted out.

We will miss his cheery personality, his wit, his excellent and humorous turn-of-phrase, and, above all, his reasoned views.

The parish owes him a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Our heartfelt sympathies are sent to Jane, his wife, at this difficult time.


Printed in the Parish Magazine, June 1996

June 1997 Parish Council meeting

Memorial Seat

Members were pleased to accept the generous offer of Mrs Jane Hazlitt to provide a public bench seat as a memorial to her late husband and parish councillor Andrew Barrington Hazlitt. We will talk to her about a suitable location.

November 1997 Parish Council meeting

Donation of public memorial bench seat by Mrs. JE Hazlitt.

Cllr. Mrs. Millar to consult Mrs. Hazlitt shortly regarding siting for the seat.