September 1997 PC Meeting Report

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on 2 September with Mr AD Walmsley in the Chair.

In attendance all Parish Councillors, several members of the public and one press reporter.

Aircraft Noise.

Group Captain MEH Dawson, and Robin Tice are to meet the Managing Director, Southampton International Airport, Colin Hobbs, and T Wright of Eastleigh Borough Council on 2 October

Cars on the Memorial Playing Field.

The registration numbers of cars driving on the playing field and causing damage have been obtained. The matter is being pursued by the police.

Transfer of Shawford Parish Hall to Compton and Shawford Community Association.

Following careful consideration, it was agreed to transfer management of the hall to CASCA subject to satisfactory lease controls under a 21 years term. Should a transfer be effected two parish councillors will be members of the Management Committee.

Proposed affordable housing at Compton.

A letter had been received from the Hampshire Voluntary Housing Society advising that they are seeking a meeting with The Reverend PLS Barrett about the use of Church Field, Compton Street. Councillors were advised that as the church had purchased the land explicitly to prevent its being built on, it is extremely unlikely that any development would be allowed.

Pavilion Replacement.

Reported that, as resolved at the July meeting, the planning application had been submitted and would come before the City planning committee on 4th September, where a decision was expected to be deferred for site viewing.

Planning Appeal by applicant

Cllr Mrs Millar reported that she had attended the Appeal against refusal for a house and garage and new access on land adjoining Laurel Cottage, Southdown Road, and that the decision is awaited.

Shawford Parish Hall Development Land and refurbishment of the Hall.

Decided that, subject to an agreement on parking and access, the land adjacent to the hall be sold to Goodall Barnard Ltd for development with four semi-detached houses. It is hoped to be able to agree acceptable terms for the same firm to carry out the parish hall improvements, as having one firm do both jobs would minimise the disturbance.

Lease negotiations re Sports Club

. A lease for the new pavilion and an agreement to sign the lease are being drafted by the Council’s solicitors for further discussion with the Sports Club.

Integra Waste Transfer Station, Poles Lane.

Otterbourne Parish Council are to carry out their own census of traffic movement from the site through Otterbourne and Compton on Thursday 11 September. It is hoped that Compton & Shawford Parish Council can carry out a similar census on another day with councillors and volunteers from the parish.

Grass Cutting.

The M3 consulting engineers, Mott MacDonald, are responsible for grass cutting, twice a year, at the Shepherds Lane Bridge car park, until 1998. Winchester City Council have suggested that it may become a Parish Council responsibility on the assumption that it was the Parish Council who requested provision of the car park. Further investigation required.

Bus Signs – Stopwatch Project.

The Romanse Project Engineer, HCC, has moved the ornamental column for the bus stop “Stopwatch” at Compton Street from the pavement to the grass verge and is to reinstate the column display at Southdown in a more suitable place. Although a number of parishioners were unhappy with the design, the Parish Council felt that the bus information which would be displayed would be useful and welcomed our involvement in the experimental project.

Footpath from Station Yard to Shawford Down.

Following complaints that access to the Down from the Shawford Station area is difficult and dangerous, the matter was raised with HCC, owner of Shawford Down, who advised that the Parish Council must in the first instance raise the matter with Railtrack.

Field Way Residents’ Association.

Members were pleased to learn that the Association was formed on the 12 July 1997. Officers are: Chairman Mr R Peake, Secretary Mrs J Ferrington, Treasurer Mr G Palmer. Funds have been collected and remedial work carried out on Field Way.

Shawford Down – Fouling by Dogs.

Following further complaints about the fouling of Shawford Down by dogs the matter had been discussed with HCC, who stated that even though they had put up appropriate signs, dog fouling remained a problem. HCC advised that they were willing to consider seeking Bylaws to make dog-owners responsible for their pets but would want the support of the Parish Council. After some debate the Council concluded that a general policy on dog fouling over the parish as a whole should be agreed before taking a decision on the imposition of Bylaws on Shawford Down alone.

Trees – Memorial Playing Field.

Awaiting prices for trees to replace those felled, except 1 Cherry tree, which are expected to be within budget. It is anticipated that the order will be placed very soon.