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Cup is the Catalyst

Shawford and Compton Horticultural Society Cup
Members of the horticultural society with the recently rediscovered cup, from left, secretary Monty Dawson, chairman Ray Wilmshurst and society member Adrian Walmsley. c72393T41 b

THE DISCOVERY of a long- forgotten competition trophy was the catalyst for Shawford villagers to reform a horticultural society disbanded nearly 40 years before.

The Shawford and Compton Horticultural Society was re-born three years ago when the original dusty competition cup was found.

The cup had an inscription dating back to 1913, when the society was first formed, and 1956, the last date engraved before the original club disbanded.

The find, an important part of the village’s history, prompted several Shawford villagers to reform the group.

The horticultural society now holds regular meetings, and an annual show at the village hall.

The cup also changes hands on a regular basis, for best all-round exhibits by society members.

Monty Dawson, the society secretary, said: “The people of the village have been terrifically interested in the society since we reformed it.

“I think the history of the society plays an important role, and the fact that we keep things interesting and involve people of all ages – even school children.”


The Extra – Thursday July 17,1997

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