December 1996 PC Meeting Report

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on 3 December, with Mr AD Walmsley in the Chair.


The meeting opened with a short statement from Councillor Wilmshurst thanking councillors for the card and certificate they had presented at last month’s meeting in recognition of his 65th birthday and 30 years’ service on the Council.

Bushfield Millennium Park.

Following the chairman’s letter to the WCC Chairman of the Leisure, Arts and Community Committee, and subsequent fax to the Chief Executive protesting at the lack of consultation, we have received a copy of the Millennium Bid that the City Council submitted. The Chief Leisure Officer has offered to meet the PC to discuss the bid in more detail. The Parish Council continues to feel that the M3 Office site should be investigated as a more suitable location for the Park and Ride scheme.

Resiting of Telephone kiosk at Shawford.

A site meeting of interested parties held on 13 November surprisingly revealed that the kiosk had been repaired and discussion centred on resiting to reduce the risk of more vandalism. It was proposed by the parties that the kiosk be removed to the east side of the railway bridge, and to the south side of the road, and hoped that the resiting will be effected in due course.

Bus shelter opposite Southdown Road – replacement.

A new timber ‘Guildford’ type bus shelter, exactly similar to that recently erected near Compton Street, has been satisfactorily erected.

Street lighting to garage compound Martins Fields.

A letter from HCC advised that the scheme for a street light near the compound is programmed for January 1997, and that once a contractor is appointed he will contact the Parish Council regarding attachment of a floodlight directed to the garage compound area.

Sports Club negotiations re new pavilion.

It was agreed to defer detailed discussion until the PC Sports Club Negotiations Sub-Committee had received a report from the Sports Club on their proposals for fund-raising and had a chance to meet again with the Sports Club.

Parish Hall development site.

Agreed to write to the Chief Planning Officer, WCC, seeking the reason for the delay in publishing the Inspector’s Report on the Inquiry of the modified Winchester District Plan, anticipated last month, and which will include the Inspector’s ruling on development on the parish hall site. Parish Hall – possible future development and availability of grants. Following a report from HCCS that since the Parish Hall is owned by the Parish Council, we are not eligible for an ACRE millennium grant for alterations and refurbishment, it was agreed to look once again at whether it would be worthwhile setting up a Village Hall Management Committee with charitable status.

Road accident. Safety.

A car travelling towards Winchester, on Sunday 24 November, hit and partially demolished the boundary wall of the property at the comer of Compton Street/ Otterbourne Road, due to the driver being blinded by an oncoming car with lights on full beam with, apparently, with no other contributory causes. The PC advised HCC of the accident and suggested that a temporary reflector sign be installed, also, an appropriate sign be erected due to dangers from debris from the demolished wall.