November 1996 PC Meeting Report

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on 5 November, with Mr AD Walmsley in the Chair.


The chairman opened the meeting by presenting, on behalf of the whole Council, a card and certificate to Councillor Wilmshurst to mark his 65th birthday and in recognition of his 30 years’ service on the Council.

Planning Procedures

Mr SJ Birch, Chief Planning Officer, WCC, addressed Members on planning procedures, criteria to determine decisions, and on a possible scheme of a multi-development for Bushfield Camp with a view to making a bid to the Millennium Commission to attract grant. Members were greatly concerned that that no regard had been made to their submission on Bushfield Camp, to the Chief Planning Officer, on 26 January 1996. It was unanimously resolved to write to the Chairman of the Planning Committee, and the Chairman of the Leisure, Arts and Community Committee, making strong objection to the inclusion of the hotel and park-and-ride elements of the current scheme, also, expressing grave concern as to lack of consultation with the Parish Council over the Bushfield proposal which is on land mainly within the parish.

Acquisition of surplus M3 land adjoining the Memorial Playing Field.

All terms of the transfer having been agreed as acceptable to the Parish Council, and a price reduction to £2,456.25 negotiated to allow for the necessary weedkilling (later corrected to £2500 because the council can reclaim VAT) , the transfer documents were duly signed and witnessed.

Telephone kiosk at Shawford

Parish Council to meet with BT and other interested parties on 13 November, to investigate resiting of existing red kiosk, at no cost to the Parish Council, subject to being resited on public land.

Affordable Housing Scheme – Land at Martins Fields, Compton.

A letter from Hampshire Voluntary Housing Society, dated 22 October, stated that they will be bidding for capital grant within the next three weeks and at the same time will contact HCC to instigate a land acquisition process and will advise the Parish Council of the precise site availability as soon as possible.


Reported that all were passable and that there had been no recent complaints. ClIr. Threlfall was congratulated on his completion of guide ‘The Shawford Serendipity Trail’ which freely stated that he had relied upon much original research by the late Barrie Hazlitt.

Appleshaw House, Compton – planning application for use as a private school

Matter to be discussed by Planning Sub-Committee who are to co-opt Cllr Wilmshurst. The possible traffic impact is an important consideration.

Sports Club negotiations re new pavilion

The lease negotiation subcommittee had met the central Sports Club committee, and outlined the likely level of funds that the Sports Club would have to commit to raise before any grant application. We await a response from the Sports Club.

Parish Hall Matters

A lengthy report of the Parish Hall Management Sub-Committee included items on the possible future development of the parish hall and availability of grants, the 1997/98 parish hall budget and various matters and costs concerning displays to be made during the Parish Hall Centenary Celebrations.

Road Safety.

Following negotiations with HCC, agreement was reached for a reduction in the number of proposed 30 mph speed limit signs without affecting legality. These are in Shepherds Lane, Field Way and Hurdle Way with another sign in Hurdle Way moved 80 metres to the east.

Nameplate ‘Southdown’

Agreed with HCC that the ‘Southdown’ sign near Shepherds Lane Bridge will be removed and replaced with a double sided ‘Southdown’ flag sign opposite Southdown Road.

White Lines – Compton Street.

A resident has requested that the white line marking be extended to the garages at St Patricks, to facilitate access. Cllr Wilmshurst to investigate.

Sycamore trees near ‘Holmfield’, Station Terrace, Shawford

Request by Parishioner for Parish Council to consider having trees felled near his property, in view of possible danger of being uprooted, to be investigated and followed by appropriate action.