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Road Safety – Compton & Shawford

On 4 March 1996, there was serious accident at the altered Compton Street, Main Road junction, which HCC Surveyor’s Department investigated from the point of view of road safety. They disappointingly concluded that a one off personal injury traffic accident did not justify expenditure on upgrading road safety at this junction and they require further evidence of personal injury accidents over a three year period before they would implement such measures. The Parish Council’s view is that the accident potential of an area, if properly evaluated, should be a factor in establishing a priority, and wish to pursue this line of reasoning with HCC.

We have been advised since the March accident that there have been other accidents in this area, none involving personal injury and not reportable, which may have had some influence on the HCC decision if we had been able to be specific with regard to date, time and severity. We have decided, therefore, to compile a record of traffic accidents in the Parish in order to be pro-active with HCC on road safety. Please let us know of any accidents.

Details should be forwarded to:


Mr DWH Richman
Clerk to the Parish Council
29 Hanover Lodge
St Cross Road
Tele. No.01962 860563
or via e-mail to the chairman

l2 July 1996 for August 1996 Parish Magazine