July 1996 PC Meeting Report

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on 2 July, with Mr AD Walmsley in the Chair.


Acquisition of surplus M3 land adjoining Memorial Playing Field.

The Chairman is pressing for progress in this matter and will also request that the land be conveyed in reasonable condition.


Park and Ride – location for a scheme.

As the Parish Council had earlier written to Hampshire County Council asking whether the site of Tarmac and Mott MacDonald M3 offices had been considered for a park-and-ride scheme, it was decided to leave the matter to City Councillor Mrs M Campbell-White to pursue the matter with Hampshire County Council.


Bus shelter opposite Southdown Road.

An estimate for site works for the replacement bus shelter has been accepted but costs of erecting the shelter are to be examined.


Street nameplate ‘Otterbourne Road’.

Representations have been made to Winchester City Council asking why ‘Otterbourne Road’ nameplates had been erected when WCC had previously agreed our recommendation of ‘Main Road’ for the road from Bushfield roundabout to the Otterbourne boundary. After some discussion the Parish Council referred this matter to the Highways and Byways sub-committee who are also to examine road naming throughout the whole parish.

Road Safety.

Cllr Whitaker reported that he was to meet County Council representatives on 12 July about the crossing at the end of Compton Street and other dangerous junctions in the parish.

Playing Field.

The Memorial Playing Field has been satisfactorily treated with weedkill, tree stumps are to be ground out and strimming of grass around seats is to be carried out.


Use of Parish Hall as sub-postoffice.

Agreed that part of the parish hall could be used as a part time sub-postoffice to be managed by the hall caretaker, Mrs VJ Smith, who has satisfactorily discussed the matter with Post Office Counters Ltd. The Parish Council, who are concerned that Post Office facilities should be continued in Shawford if possible, agreed to cover costs of adaptation and equipment up to a maximum of £750.


New Sports Lease and Pavilion.

Cllr Campbell-White reported that the subcommittee was due to meet Sports Club representatives the following evening to agree the terms of reference for the architect who is to draw up outline plans for a new pavilion (as reported last month). He stressed that a final decision to proceed with a new pavilion depends on many factors including agreement on the lease and on funding.

Parish Referendum.

A review of the wording on the draft ballot sheet was undertaken and agreed for a postal vote to be carried out in July/August of all electors on the sale of the land adjacent to the Parish Hall and the development of the Parish Hall and Sports Pavilion. Cllr.Whitaker suggested that Winchester City Council be approached to conduct the count to ensure a secret ballot.


The chairman has written an open letter to the parish magazine to explain the Parish Council’s plans and the reasons for the referendum.