Here are the Parish Council minutes of meetings since November 2000.

Earlier minutes are held by the Hampshire Records Office.

Minutes for the current and a few recent years are shown under the Minutes tab below.
Earlier Council minutes are consolidated into a single file per calendar year. You can find these by clicking on the Archive tab.

Minutes (or reports) of the Annual Parish Meetings  going back to 1995 are  available under the third tab.
All files are PDFs. You need the free Adobe Reader (or equivalent) to read them.


We aim to make draft minutes of Parish Council meetings available about a couple of weeks after the meeting to which they relate. Approval of the previous meeting’s minutes is one of the first items on the agenda at a Parish Council meeting, after which the draft minutes are replaced here by the formally approved version.

Click on the Archive tab to see earlier years’ minutes.

Note: the 2001 file also contains the minutes for November and December 2000.

Council minutes from before November 2000 are on file at the Hampshire Records Office.

Note: In some years our chairman at the time referred to our Annual Parish Meeting as the Annual Parish Assembly.

This was to avoid confusion with the Annual Parish Council Meeting held each May, when, by law, the chairman and other officers and committees of the Council must be appointed or re-appointed.

For consistency, we have used the abbreviation APM throughout to refer to the Annual Parish Meeting, whatever we called it at the time.

Annual Parish Meetings