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Hampshire Alert

Hampshire Alert say:

Warning issued following recent reports of courier fraud in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Police are urging residents in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to remain vigilant following six reports of courier fraud since January – with one woman losing almost £17,000.

Courier fraud is a scam where someone pretends to be a trusted authority, like a bank or police officer, to trick you into giving away your financial information.

The scammer will call you, claiming there’s an issue with your account. To help solve the problem for you, they ask you to confirm your account number, PIN and debit/credit card details. They may ask you to withdraw some cash to use as evidence. They send a courier to collect your card, under the guise of helping you.

Remember, banks and real authorities will never ask for your PIN.

If you receive a suspicious call, hang up and contact your bank directly using a trusted phone number.

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