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Parish Council 2021 Election Timetable

CSPC logoCompton and Shawford Parish Council Election

In 2021 all nine seats on the Parish Council are up for election as well as one of our ward’s three  seats on Winchester City Council.  These elections were all postponed from 2020.

2021 is also the year for the Hampshire County Council elections. The HCC elections are held once every four years, when every seat seat on the county council is up for election. 

This contrasts with the City Council elections. WCC decided against having an all-out election once every four years. On three years out of every four, roughly one-third of the CIty Council seats come up for re-election. The fourth year of the cycle the County Council elections are held but there are no City Council elections.

Uniquely, in 2021 there will be elections for all three tiers of local government: Parish, City and County Council.

The information about key dates below was received from Winchester City Council, dated Friday 19 February 2021.

See Becoming a Councillor for more details about the process.

Local Government Election Time Table Calculator
Timetable of Proceedings for
Thursday 6 May 2021

Deadline for receipt of nominations4:00 pm Thursday 8 April 2021
Withdrawal of Candidate4:00 pm Thursday 8 April 2021
Appointment of Election Agents4:00 pm Thursday 8 April 2021
Publication of Notice of Election Agents4:00 pm Thursday 8 April 2021
Publication of Statements of Persons Nominated4:00 pm Friday 9 April 2021
Last date to register to vote Monday 19 April 2021
Deadline for receipt of postal vote applications5:00 pm Tuesday 20 April 2021
Publication of Notice of Poll Tuesday 27 April 2021
Deadline for receipt of proxy vote applications5:00 pm Tuesday 27 April 2021
Appointment of Poll and Count Agents Wednesday 28 April 2021
Receipt of Emergency Proxy Vote Applications5:00 pm Thursday 6 May 2021
Day of Poll7:00 am to 10:00 pm Thursday 6 May 2021
Declaration of Candidates Expenses Thursday 3 June 2021

Electoral Commission guidance for candidates may be found on the following website:


Please note that candidates must return parts 1 and 2 of the Home Address Consent Form 1b even if they do not want to suppress their address.

Submission guidelines for 2021
The nominations can officially be received by WCC from the 23rd March to 8th April but they need to be hand delivered to the Clerk and checked over.
Please arrange this by email to .
The Clerk then needs to make an appointment with WCC to pass them over, as there are strict guidelines this year due to covid (must be in plastic folders, sprayed down with disinfectant etc.)

Nominations must be delivered to the City Council offices by hand and may be submitted between 10am and 4pm on any weekday, excluding bank holidays, from Tuesday 23 March until Thursday 8 April 2021, inclusive.

Dated: Friday 19 February 2021