Climate Change Emergency Update

As promised in the minutes of the November PC meeting, this Climate Change Emergency update includes information and advice, with links to HCC and WCC web pages.

Climate Change Emergency

Hampshire County Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 and we all need to work together to change the carbon footprint. Heating, transport and electricity are the highest levels of emissions in this area. Individually, we can all make a difference.

We need to work on saving more and using less. Start with small changes, eg, turning off the water whilst cleaning your teeth. Remember that heating water for any use takes a lot of power, so reduce the amount of water you are heating. For example, spend less time under the shower.

Domestic use can lower emissions by reducing energy usage, increasing energy efficiency, and switching to low carbon, renewable sources of energy.

See https://www.hants.gov.uk/landplanningandenvironment/environment/climatechange

Winchester CIty Council declared a climate emergency in June 2019.

Winchester City Council is now committed to becoming a carbon neutral council by 2024, and the cabinet has ambition for the wider district to become carbon neutral by 2030.

See https://www.winchester.gov.uk/climate-change-and-energy

What can we do individually?

Some small steps

  • Don’t leave equipment on standby, switch off at the socket
  • Use a bowl for washing up as this will use less water
  • Use the washing machine for one fewer wash a week. Make sure that you have a full load rather than several small ones. This will use less water and less electricity
  • Only fill the kettle with the water needed for the drinks you are making. This will reduce waste of water and use less electricity
  • Fit a water efficient shower head.
  • Spend one minute less in your daily shower which will save on water and heating
  • Draught proof doors and windows which will reduce heating needs
  • Fit a chimney draught excluder
  • Use smart heating controls
  • Turn the thermostat down 1 degree
  • Replace all bulbs with LED lights as much lower energy level
  • Turn off the lights in a room if you are not going to be in there
  • If you are not watching the TV, you don’t need it on.

See also Keeping your energy bills down on the WCC website