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PC Meeting Report July 2020

CSPC logo for PC Meeting Report July 2020PC Meeting Report July 2020

Report of the Parish Council online meeting held on Tuesday 7 July 2020 via ZOOM.


Electing a chairman and vice-chairman and governance were the main items for discussion.

Councillor Goulding welcomed Gwen Heywood-Waddington as the new Clerk.

Appointment of Officers

The Council approved the appointments shown below for the coming year.

Role Holder
Chairman: Mike Goulding
Vice-chairman: Jo Lockett
Finance & Administration: Councillor Richard Webster
Deputy: Councillor Mike Goulding
Playing Fields, Play Area Management & Environment: Councillor Myra Wilkinson
Deputies: Councillors Jo Lockett & Frances Strange
Planning: Councillor Frances Strange
Deputy: Councillor Tim Hunt
Highways: Councillor Martin Bell
Deputy: Councillor Tim Hunt (M3)
Public Transport: Councillor Tim Hunt
Web Management: Councillor Frances Strange
Footpaths (incl Compton Lock): Mr John Wilkinson

Public Session

No issues were raised by the public.

County Councillor’s Report

Councillor Warwick advised that a range of temporary changes were being made across the county to provide more road space to support social distancing in town centres and for people cycling and walking. Over 1000 schemes have been proposed. Two routes that were put forward around Compton and Shawford are, Badgers Farm Road and the gap in cycle Rt 23 near Shawford and Otterbourne.

Councillor Warwick also advised that due to the high volume of users Hampshire County Council have an online pre-booking system for residents to access Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) to manage demand and reduce queuing traffic.


Councillor Strange advised that she met with Councillor Bell to discuss which items could be removed from the Village Design Statement and put into the Local Area Design Statement. This is presently on hold. She received an email from Action Hampshire announcing the replacement of HARAH by the new Hampshire Homes Hub. She also noted that she has not heard anything with regard to Shepherds Down School and that Parsonage Barn planning application has been passed to Compton Village Association. Councillor Strange noted that the parish council has been advised of the intent to submit a planning application pertaining to Four Dells Farm.

Councillor Strange was asked to comment on the planning application for White Gables in Otterbourne Road with regard to traffic management

Finance and Administration

The Council considered the final account for the financial year 2019/20 during which it was noted that, in his letter of 15 May 2020, the internal auditor had stated, “On looking at the Council’s website I noticed that the AGAR for 2018/19 has been amended by redacting the signatures. My understanding is that there is nothing in legislation or in the Regulations that permit this course of action. This view is reinforced by an article in the latest edition of the SLCC Magazine”.

The Council subsequently approved the Annual Governance Statement and Annual Accounting Statements for 2018/19.

Councillor Goulding declared a casual vacancy caused by the resignation of Councillor M Southgate. The Council intends to fill the vacancy by co-option. The Clerk has notified the Returning Officer at Winchester City Council of the vacancy and displayed a notice informing residents of the parish of the vacancy. Councillor Goulding thanked Councillor Southgate for his many years of support on the Parish Council.

Community Infrastructure Levy

The Council agreed to approve the grant of £250 towards the Village agent for Age Concern Hampshire’s running costs.

Annual Parish Meeting (APM)

The Chairman noted the cancellation of the Annual Parish Meeting due to Coronavirus.

Playing Fields Management, Footpaths, and the Environment

Councillor Wilkinson advised that a risk assessment of both playing fields has been carried out and restrictions put in place for opening on the 4th July.

A complaint had been received from one of the new houses adjacent to the QEII playing field due to footballs causing significant damage to the roof. A decision was made to temporarily remove the goalposts from that side of the field. The goalposts have now been reinstated and the neighbour asked to keep a log of any further problems. Vitaplay have been contacted to discuss possible solutions including raising the fence and adding an angled top. There has been concern expressed by some residents about the use of the field by possibly unauthorised fitness trainers. The people concerned were spoken to and it was established that they were using the field temporarily, were local and not charging any fees.

A neighbour living adjacent to the MPF has suggested a wildflower meadow. The Council has agreed to contact the neighbour to discuss this further.

A quote has been received from Vitaplay for the cleaning of the wetpour surfaces, and also for general remedial work to the play areas. Councillor Wilkinson has suggested focusing on the cleaning of the surfaces and any repairs that need doing. It was shared that due to increased use some of the bins around play areas are overflowing, a plan is being put in place to sort this.

Compton Lock has been very busy during the last couple of months and dispersal orders have been placed on the area on several occasions.

Twyford Parish Council have asked us to be involved in an initiative to employ Winchester Business Improvement District (BID) rangers from Venture Security for a period of 10 weeks. The clerk successfully secured a grant of £1,000 offered by Councillor Jan Warwick from her fund to support the work and Twyford have applied for the same through Councillor Humby.

Cyclists on Park View and the towpath have been an ongoing problem for several years and despite requests for new signs clearly stating, ‘No Cycling’, no progress had been made. Alison Perry of the Countryside department is arranging for signs that clearly state the path is for pedestrians only. The Council awaits their arrival.


Councillor Bell advised that the earlier commitment to have a meeting about parking issues for local people should go ahead. The Chairman agreed and will write to Parishioners.

Councillor Bell reported that the Otterbourne Road bus stop bench has been installed.


Councillor Wilkinson reported that CASCA last month were awarded a £10,000 grant from Winchester City Council Rates department which was a one-off leisure grant for businesses and charities which remain closed due to the pandemic. The Parish Hall is due to be opened from the 1st September for activities which can be carried out safely.

Date and Venue of Next Meeting

7.30pm Tuesday 1 September via ZOOM.

Gwen Heywood-Waddington, Clerk


Meetings may be held remotely including via telephone conferencing, video conferencing, live webchat and live streaming. Remote attendance by members counts for other purposes such as the six month rule on attendance, and for allowances. Members of the public and press may also access meetings remotely rather than in person.

Minutes 2020-07-07
Minutes 2020-07-07
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