Public Transport Update June 2020

Public Transport Update June 2020

  1. You now must wear a face covering on public transport. They are specifically not called face masks because the government does not want medical grade PPE (including face masks) diverted from the NHS. The government website says
  2. If you have a bus pass, you now can’t use it till after 9:30am. The start time had been extended to allow older people to access the dedicated early shopping hour at supermarkets. But it’s back to normal now.
  3. Because of social distancing, buses can’t carry as many passengers.

For the latest Stagecoach updates, see

Note: this information has been superseded by changes taking effect from Monday 29 June.

Stagecoach E2 – Mon-Sat

Winchester10:35Compton Street10:57Eastleigh11:24
Eastleigh13:35Compton Street13:56Winchester14:17
Just one a day in each direction

Stagecoach 63 – Tuesday and Friday

Attwoods Drove10:03Winchester10:39
Winchester12:50Attwoods Drove13:26
(these are shorter journey times than previously)

South Park and Ride buses (operated by Stagecoach)

The service looks pretty much back to normal, with buses every 12 minutes for most of the day.

Bluestar 1

Also back to normal, with buses every 15 minutes during most of the day

See https://www.bluestarbus.co.uk/services/SQ/1