Itchen Navigation Towpath Closure


Itchen Navigation Towpath Closure

updated 20 April 2020 to show the official closure notice

On 3 March 2020 we published details of the Itchen Navigation Towpath breach.

For almost the entire length of the towpath from the Bridge pub to Compton Lock, the boundary between our parish and Twyford Parish goes down the middle of the Itchen Navigation.

The towpath, therefore, lies in Twyford Parish.

The Temporary Closure notices give the dates of closure as 10 April 2020 until 20 September 202 or until the completion of the works, whichever is sooner.

The Twyford Clerk wrote:

Dear All,

I have been speaking with Alison Perry from Hampshire County Council Countryside Service. We have been discussing the best way forward on how to manage the breach of the Navigation. She has informed me that the path from Allbrook to Southampton Hub has been closed, due to similar issues. Allbrook has overtopping, much the same way that we do. Repair work that the Environment Agency were due to undertake here just last week has been put on hold, as it does not impact any houses etc. This is EA stance when it comes to funding our area too.

The first steps required are to officially close the towpath on health and safety grounds. We are awaiting a map from Aquascience to pinpoint the exact location of the breach, so that HCC can go ahead with the closure. They also want to find out who owns the land adjoining this area. Apparently, when the last repairs were undertaken some years back, a document was signed by the landowners, stating that for longevity, the landowners were responsible for keeping the banks in order, hence why they also want the locations.

It has been suggested that we then wait for 2/3 weeks time for them to re-assess the damage and erosion. The repair work all along the navigation is going to cost tens of thousands of pounds and all repair may be able to be funded via HCC from a ‘storm damages’ fund, rather than having to apply for the Rural Communities Fund. HCC is not asking for contributions from Eastleigh for the breach at Allbrook, and therefore has made the suggestion that we also do not need to fund the breach in our area. However, this may change and contributions may be required.

In the meantime, we will also look at the Wildlife Trust and South Down National Parks, as a back up to the above.

I will update you further, once I hear more.

Kind regards



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