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PC Meeting Agenda 3 March 2020

Compton & Shawford logo - PC Meeting Agenda 3 March 2020Compton and Shawford Parish Council

PO Box 565, Winchester,
Hampshire SO23 3HG
Phone:01962 600198

Members of Compton and Shawford Parish Council are summoned to attend a meeting of

Compton and Shawford Parish Council

at 7.30 pm Tuesday 3 March 2020 in the Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.

PC Meeting Agenda 3 March 2020


  1. Apologies for absence and declarations of interest.
  2. Minutes.
    • To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 7 January 2020.
  3. Matters arising and outstanding actions.
    • From the minutes and not mentioned elsewhere on the agenda.
  4. County & District Councillors’ Reports.
  5. Public Session (maximum of fifteen minutes).
  6. Shawford Station Parking (Councillor Bell)
    • Proposed parking plan.
  7. Highways and Public Transport. (Councillor Bell)
    • Otterbourne Road bus stop bench.
    • Grass verge obstructions.
  8. Planning (Councillor Strange)
    • Four Dell Farm planning application.
    • VDS and LADS: Progress Report.
  9. Playing Fields Management. (Councillor Wilkinson)
  10. Footpaths and Environment. (Councillor Wilkinson)
    • Great British Spring Clean.
  11. Lengthsman & Tree Warden (Councillor Hunt)
  12. Community Infrastructure Levy (Councillor Webster).
    • Request for a grant towards the cost of providing superfast broadband to the whole of Compton village.
  13. Finance and Administration. (Councillor Webster)
    • Financial statement and to note payments made since 7 January 2020.
    • Reduce contingency.
    • Appoint internal auditor.
    • Asset register.
    • Council elections 7 May 2020.
    • Annual Council Meeting (ACM): appointment of chairman.
  14. Annual Parish Meeting (APM) (Councillor Goulding).
    • Annual report and agenda.
  15. CASCA (Councillor Wilkinson)
    • Management changes.
  16. Date & Venue of the Next Meeting.

David Drake, Clerk

25 February 2020

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Editor’s Note: All meetings of the Parish Council are, by law, open to the public. Parishioners are very welcome to attend as observers and, if they wish, ask questions or make comments during the time set aside for public participation under item 8. See Parish Council