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PC Meeting Report May 2019

CSPC logo for PC Meeting Report May 2019PC Meeting Report May 2019

Report of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 7 May 2019 in the Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.


Electing a new chairman and vice-chairman, governance and planning were the main items for discussion at this month’s meeting.

Appointment of Officers

The Council approved the following appointments for the coming year:

  • Chairman: Mike Goulding
  • Vice-chairman: Jo Lockett
  • Finance & Administration: Councillor Richard Webster
  • Deputy: Councillor Mike Goulding
  • Playing Fields, Play Area Management & Environment: Councillor Myra Wilkinson
  • Deputies: Councillors Jo Lockett & Frances Strange
  • Planning: Councillor Frances Strange
  • Deputy: Councillor Tim Hunt
  • Highways: Councillor Martin Bell
  • Deputy: Councillor Tim Hunt (M3)
  • Public Transport: Councillor Tim Hunt
  • Web Management: Councillor Frances Strange
  • Footpaths (including Compton Lock): Mr John Wilkinson

Public Session

Several residents of Attwoods Drove and Martins Fields expressed a desire to be consulted at an early stage on any plans for affordable housing. None were opposed ‘in principle’ but would appreciate a role in the development process. Both the chairman and Councillor Strange reassured them that no progress would be made on affordable housing without prior consultation with the community. A representative of the Compton Down Society (CDS) spoke about plans to update the Compton Down Local Area Design Statement (LADS). He hoped that the Council would be prepared to fund this project, for which a quote of £6,700 had been obtained.


The Council discussed Councillor Strange’s proposal on Mr Beckett’s plans to develop the front site of his nursery for affordable housing. Winchester City Council (WCC) required evidence of ‘public support’ before it can be considered as a rural exception site: this could take the form of positive support from the Parish Council. Because of concerns about the possibility of local opposition to the development, Councillor Strange’s proposal was amended on the following lines:

“Compton and Shawford Parish Council is aware that there is a requirement for affordable housing and social housing of all types within the parish. The retail part of Beckett’s Nursery could provide a suitable location as a rural exception site for affordable housing. Compton and Shaw-ford Parish Council agrees “in principle” to the development of affordable housing on this site subject to clarification from WCC that support can be withdrawn if there is evidence of significant opposition to the proposal. This agreement, however, does not preclude the Parish Council, as a statutory consultee, being able to discuss the planning of this development and making comment to WCC, negative or otherwise.”

Councillor Strange confirmed that she had received several comments on the draft Village Design Statement (VDS), which she would incorporate into the final draft, for approval at the July meeting. The Council also discussed the request to fund an updated Compton Down LADS. It was agreed that the CDS should work closely with Councillor Strange and the planning team to produce a full proposal, which should include an appraisal of the effectiveness of LADS in the planning process.

Councillor Strange advised that, since her notes had been circulated, a planning application had been received for a 62-bedroom Care Home on the former site of the former Captain Barnard public house: this appeared to be very similar to the earlier application.

The Council discussed Councillor Strange’s proposal to engage with developers in advance of formal planning permission being submitted, which would enable the Council to try to ensure that future developments complied with the Village Design Statement (VDS). It was noted that the proposal conflicted with the planning portfolio holder’s terms of reference and agreed that Councillor Strange and the planning team should revise the terms of reference and then resubmit a revised version at the next meeting, together with the proposal to engage with developers at an early stage.

Finance and Administration

The Council considered the final account for the financial year 2018/19 during which it was noted that, in his letter of 18 April 2019, the internal auditor had stated, “There are no matters arising from my work that I need to bring to the attention of the Council”. The Council subsequently approved the Annual Governance Statement and Annual Accounting Statements for 2018/19.

The Council reviewed its membership of the Hampshire Association of Local Councils (HALC). The annual affiliation fee had been raised from £356 to £390, to which the National Association of Local Council’s levy of £94 was added. Additional fees were required to attend meetings. The Society of Local Councils and Clerks provides similar information for an annual fee of £100. Following discussion, the Council agreed that HALC no longer provides value for money and would not renew its membership.

Councillor Webster reported that, following an act of vandalism, the Clerk had authorised emergency repairs, costing £187.20, to the Victoria Memorial in Shawford. Baby changing facilities would soon be installed in the Jubilee Pavilion at a cost of £311.65.

Community Infrastructure Levy

Councillor Webster advised the Council that All Saints School had requested an opportunity to bid for project funding. He also noted that the Sports Club was considering the installation of a defibrillator at the Jubilee Pavilion, which would appear to be a suitable project for the balance of the Big Lottery Fund (£1116.80).

Annual Parish Meeting (APM)

It was agreed that the annual report would not be distributed to individual households but would be made available through other outlets, e.g. the parish website and public facilities, such as the parish hall. It would be available for distribution at the APM on 16 May 2019.

Playing Fields Management, Footpaths and the Environment

Councillor Wilkinson advised that, at the recent Sports Club meeting, concern had been raised that, should the football team be promoted to the Hampshire League, to accommodate spectators there will be a requirement for a hard standing to be provided on one side of the pitch and for a barrier to be erected. A public meeting to consider how best to manage Compton Lock will take place at 7 pm in Twyford village hall on 22 May 2019. Councillor Hunt confirmed that he had signed the contract committing the Council’s participation in the HCC Lengthsman programme for another year. The Lengthsmen were due in the parish on Wednesday 15 May.


Councillor Bell advised that the contract with Chris Sparkes, to clean four bus shelters, the M3 subway and the MeGA expired on 31 March 2019. Chris had proved to be a valuable Council asset and had undertaken other work on the playing fields and play areas at very competitive rates. The Council agreed that his contract should be renewed.


Councillor Wilkinson reported that the new management team had settled in well. A firm of industrial cleaners had been contracted to give the parish hall a deep clean once per week, which will lessen the load on the caretaker, Frank Smith

Date and Venue of Next Meeting

7.30pm Tuesday 2 July, Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.

David Drake, Clerk

PC Meeting Report May 2019 – Links

  • See the Minutes page for minutes of the 7 May 2019 meeting (available as a draft until approved by the Council).
  • The existing approved Village Design Statement and Compton Down Local Area Design Statement are available on the City Council website.