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Cross Country Race Sunday 6 January 2019

Cross Country Race Sunday 6 January 2019

On Sunday 6 January 2019, the CC6 Cross Country League is coming to Compton & Shawford.

Following the same route as in January 2018, their annual Badger Farm Race will include paths in and around the northwestern corner of our parish.

The race will start/finish just above Sainsbury’s on Whiteshute Ridge.

The runners will

Cross Country Race Sunday 6 January 2019
CC6 Cross Country Race Sunday 6 January 2019 Route
  • come down the hill along Restricted Byway Compton and Shawford.35;
  • just before reaching Cox Croft Farm they turn right onto Compton & Shawford footpath 13 which takes them up through the yew tree woods
  • then right onto Hurdle Way which is Bridleway Compton and Shawford.6
  • and then leave the parish and enter Olivers Battery passing by the western side of the Yew Hill butterfly reserve.


What to expect

The organisers tell us:

  • The race normally includes around 100 to 150 competitors between 9.30 and 10.30am.
  • There will be marshalls on duty and first aiders on site.
  • Competitors will be informed that they need to be mindful of other users of the public footpaths.
  • We plan to place some notices and hazard markers around the course a few days beforehand and remove them by lunchtime on 7 January.
  • We will direct competitors to the Sainsbury car park on the morning of the race, and remove all signs by the end of the day of the race.
  • The aim is to have a fun race and leave no trace once completed.

About CC6

The CC6 Cross Country League is a friendly low-key league, organised by the running clubs of south Hampshire for their members, providing an excellent introduction to competitive racing.

See www.wadac.org.uk/competitions-and-leagues/cc6-cross-country-league and www.cc6.co.uk/

You can find a report of last year’s race here

Parish Footpaths and Rights of Way

The Parish Paths map shows rights of way in the parish with the official path numbers, which are useful to know if you need to report a problem.

Note: This page is based on information from the race organisers. We will update this page if we receive any relevant updates about the event.