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Railway Timetable Consultation

Railway Timetable Consultation

SouthWestern Railway Timetable ConsultationSouth Western Railway are running a consultation over timetable changes which they plan to introduce from December 2018.

South Western Railway write:


This consultation opened on 29th September 2017 and will close on 22nd December 2017.

South Western Railway will be making some major changes to train services in the December 2018 timetable. The proposals have been developed with extensive input from customers and stakeholders; who asked for added peak capacity and faster services, earlier and later trains and more Sunday services. These are just some of the benefits you will see when the timetable begins on 9th December 2018.

We invite you to review the proposals for your area and provide any comments you may have via email to . …..

For more details and to download the full consultation document visit 

Initial observations

We have had an initial look at the proposed timetable for trains from Shawford and Winchester. Here are some comments and a summary table to help you identify key areas of change. The proposed new timetable, currently showing only Monday-Friday services, is a long document, so it’s possible that we have made some errors or omissions in this page.  Please check with the document on the SWR website.

Off Peak – the hourly off peak service will run to and from Southampton rather than Poole, including a new stop at St Denys and is slower by two minutes due to also adding a stop at Woking.  The new times are xx.48 from Shawford arriving London xx.05 and in the reverse direction leaving London at xx.33 arriving Shawford at xx.51. The last train to Shawford gives us an extra half hour in London and leaves at 23.33.

Morning Peak to London – we appear to have the same number of trains. However, the trains at 6.49 and 7.49 change to 6.43 and 7.43. They no longer serve Micheldever but stop at more stations after Basingstoke. As now, you will be able to shorten your journey time by change at Winchester into the xx.54 non-stop service. Micheldever has retained three fast services from Basingstoke but these are currently not scheduled to stop at Shawford. The change from two trains per hour to one will occur with the 8.48 departure. There is no service at 9.19 which is popular with students and local commuters.

Evening return peak from London – we appear to have the same number of trains but with an earlier start and finish. The half hourly service to Shawford starts at 15.03 but will finish with the 19.33. There is no ‘local connection’ from any of the fast Winchester trains (which have increased from 4 to 6) such as from the current 18.05. They have also removed the two extra connecting services we had after 21.00. Under these proposals we will have only an hourly service after 19.33.


SWR Consultation Summary 2017

TimetableRouteTime of dayFrequencyDepartsJourney time (hh:mm)
NowShawford-Londonpeak (06:00-09:00)7 trains1:12 - 1:19
ProposedShawford-Londonpeak (06:00-09:00)7 trains1:15 - 1:26
NowLondon-Shawfordpeak (16:30-19:30)7 trains1:10-1:15
ProposedLondon-Shawfordpeak (16:30-19:30)7 trains1:09-1:20
NowWinchester-Londonpeak (06:00-09:00)8 fastbest 0:58
NowWinchester-Londonoff-peak fast2 per hourxx:18 and xx:481:02 and 1:01
ProposedWinchester-Londonpeak (06:00-09:00)8 fastbest 0:57
ProposedWinchester-Londonoff-peak2 per hourxx:12 and xx:420:57 and 1:03
NowLondon-Winchesterpeak (16:30-19:30)7 trainsmostly 0:55
NowLondon-Winchesteroff-peak fast2 per hourxx:05 and xx:351:00 and 0:58
ProposedLondon-Winchesterpeak (16:30-19:30)7 trainsmostly 0:55
ProposedLondon-Winchesteroff-peak fast2 per hourxx:12 and xx:420:59 and 0:55