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PC Meeting Report 7 November 2017

CSPC logo for PC Meeting Report 7 November 2017PC Meeting Report 7 November 2017

Report of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 7 November 2017 in the Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.



The appointment of a new councillor and plans to install defibrillators in the telephone kiosks, in Martins Fields and Shawford Road, were among the topics for discussion at this month’s meeting.

Council Vacancy

The council was delighted to note that two parishioners had volunteered to fill the council vacancy. Both were excellent candidates but, after very careful consideration, it agreed to offer the position to Tim Hunt.

Telephone Kiosks

Councillor Webster announced that the council had received £7,497.60 from the Big Lottery Fund to finance the purchase of two defibrillators for the telephone kiosks in Martins Fields and Shawford Road; defibrillator training and the renovation of the kiosk in Martins Fields. A condition of the funding is that the project should be completed within twelve months. Councillor Webster will be consulting the Compton and Shawford village associations to seek their assistance in keeping the kiosks clean and tidy.


During the public session, concern was raised about the amount of development in Crossway, Southdown. Had the council been consulted about these developments and why was there a moratorium on development in Compton Down but not in Southdown? Arguments, about ‘line of sight’ at the junctions of Hurdle Way and Shepherds Lane, were not convincing.

The chairman explained that the council was consulted about each development within the parish and, where considered appropriate, a request was made for planning applications to be reviewed by the WCC planning committee. The final decision rested with that committee, which was often reluctant decline planning permission, if the applicant was likely to appeal. Highways engineers considered the junctions at Hurdle Way and Shepherds Lane to be ‘sub-standard’ and they are opposed to any increase in development on Compton Down that could result in increased traffic.

Councillor Jordan reported that he was working closely with concerned residents about the operation of the Four Dell Biomass plant. He had also established good communication links with HCC on traveller sites. The traveller bus that had been parked at the base of Shawford Down had gone. Both he and Councillor Strange were working closely with the Compton Tenants’ Association (CTA) to ensure that tenants’ views are given full consideration by WCC officers.

County & District Councillor’s Report

County and District Councillor Warwick presented the County and District Councillors’ reports. She encouraged councillors and parishioners to provide feedback on the Hampshire County and Winchester City Councils’ consultation on the Winchester Movement Strategy. An online survey is available via the following link: www.hants.gov.uk/winchestermovementstrategy. The strategy will provide a framework from which the councils can develop proposals and specific target measures for the next twenty to thirty years.

Councillor Warwick advised that the Hampshire County Council (HCC) regulatory department has restarted the Four Dells Biomass Boiler application and will commence a new consultation exercise. Winchester City Council (WCC) monitoring officers intend to include off-site security as part of the exercise and will also suggest that noise conditions should be included in planning consent, if approved.

Highways and Public Transport

Councillor Bell informed the council, that following Bill Goodyear’s retirement, Chris Sparkes had been appointed on a six-month contract to clean four bus shelters and the M3 subway. A quote for the repair of two Perspex end panels on the Attwoods Drove bus shelter had been requested and a bench would shortly be installed at a bus shelter in Otterbourne Road.

The council discussed WCC proposals to introduce additional waiting restrictions along Shawford Road, Twyford. It was noted that the Shawford village residents’ association supported the proposals. It was agreed that Councillor Bell would write to WCC’s traffic engineer, Neville Crisp, outlining the council’s policy on parking in Shawford and additional parking at Shawford railway station.

Concern was expressed about the proposed South Western Railway timetable revisions, which will result in additional stops on the Waterloo service, increased journey times and a reduction in peak time services. It was agreed that Councillor Bell should write to South Western Railway to express the council’s concern about the implications of the proposed timetable on services from Shawford.

Playing Fields Management

Councillor Wilkinson advised that minor repairs to play equipment at the QEII Field had been carried out. The Sports Club had recently expressed concern about the standard of grass cutting at the MPF. The committee considered fortnightly cuts in the summer to be insufficient and there was dismay that grass cuttings are left on the field. It was noted that, under the lease, the council is only contracted to fortnightly cuts, which currently cost £3500 per year. Weekly cuts would double this amount.

The chairman advised that the Sports Club committee was also concerned about the financing arrangements for improving the drainage at the Memorial Playing Field (MPF) car park. The project was currently ‘on hold’. Both he and Councillor Wilkinson would consult the club’s chairman to see if the committee’s concerns could be overcome.

Footpaths and Environment

Councillor Wilkinson reported that the Lengthsman had visited the parish during the previous week and cleared the footpath between the Park and Ride car park and Place Lane. They had also cut back weeds along the entrance to Shepherds Lane. She noted that the stone cross on Shawford Down had been listed as a Grade II building. Historic England will need to be consulted prior to any future work on the cross (i.e. cleaning and repairs). She added that the cattle will be returning to the Down, after Remembrance Sunday.

Councillor Wilkinson advised the council that she had received a request from the management committee for Twyford Meads and Berry Meadow for a grant towards the cost of essential repairs to Compton Lock, which are estimated at £20,000. It was agreed that she should ask the management committee to submit a formal application for a grant.

Finance and Administration

During the discussion on the proposed budget for 2018/19, the council agreed to accept the principle of raising the precept by 2%. (The last increase was in 2010.) It also agreed to review the amounts allocated to the sinking funds and that, when a complex item of play equipment needed replacing, consideration should be given to using alternatives that require less maintenance.

The chairman advised the council that, since the Boundary Commission had not accepted arguments that Compton and Shawford should remain within the constituency of Winchester, he intended to liaise with Adrian Walmsley on a further attempt to encourage it (the commission) to agree to the parish remaining within the Winchester constituency.

Date and Venue of Next Meeting

7.30pm Tuesday 9 January 2018 in the Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.

David Drake, Clerk

PC Meeting Report 7 November 2017


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