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Please vote for Compton Schools

Shepherds Down Charity Golf DayCompton All Saints' Church of England Primary SchoolPlease vote for Compton Schools to win funding from the Aviva Community Fund 2017

We are privileged to have two very good schools in our village.

Each is applying for funding to help provide new outdoor play facilities to replace popular equipment which is becoming old and worn.

The projects with the most votes will go through to the finals.

Can I support both?


You have to register to vote, but you get 10 votes to use how you want.

You can give all your votes to one project or split them.

About the competition

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Compton All Saints' Church of England Primary SchoolShepherds Down SchoolVote
Compton All Saints’ Primary School is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School.

The school was founded in 1838 for the benefit of local children. It has been extended several times and now has almost 120 pupils aged between 4 and 11 years.

The school says “Compton is a happy, caring school where we foster a love of learning” and “we place particular emphasis on team work and developing positive attitudes in work and play, helping children learn how to be good friends, hard workers and confident individuals.”

Having such a good local school for our children is one of the reasons people find this parish such an attractive place to live.

Please help keep it that way by voting to support the bid for new play facilities.

Compton School’s project: A new wooden Play Boat

This project is in the Health and wellbeing category

At Compton School we are extremely proud of our wonderful grounds and realise how fortunate we are to be able to learn and play in such a picturesque environment.

At the bottom of our field we have a very popular wooden adventure play structure where children can run, jump, climb, swing, hide and engage in imaginative play during break and lunch times. Unfortunately, during the winter months the play structure is difficult to access, with the field being wet and muddy and the path which borders it becoming quite slippery.

When the field and the adventure play area are out of bounds the children have, until recently, made use of the popular wooden boat on the playground, which could be accessed in all weathers. However, after many years the boat has finally had to be removed because it had become rotten and dangerous to play on, and also because the space was needed to make way for the building of a much needed nurture room.

We would like funding to provide the following:

  • A new play boat, or similar, where children can enjoy active and imaginative play all year round
  • An all weather path/jogging track around the edge of our field which can provide year round easy access to the adventure play area as well as being used for our daily mile running activities.

If there is any money left over we would also like to install a slide on the earth mound at the bottom of the field, just because it would be so much fun!

We strongly believe that the addition of the all weather path/running track and a new play facility will enhance the health and well being of all our children and so enable them to reach their potential in the classroom as a result of being fitter, healthier and more active during the school day.

For more information on Compton All Saints’ Church of England Primary School, visit comptonallsaints.co.uk/ or twitter @comptonallsaint

Shepherds Down is a Local Authority maintained community special school founded 21 years ago and now has around 140 children aged 4 – 11 years.

It is a happy and successful school providing an appropriate curriculum and learning environment for children whose complex learning difficulties cannot be met within mainstream school.

Friends of Shepherds Down School are fundraising for a replacement Adventure playground. We are asking the  local community to help win funding as part of the Aviva Community Fund 2017. The School is relying on votes to increase their chances of winning funding of up to £25,000 which they hope will help fund this essential piece of school equipment. Only projects with the most votes will become finalists, so additional support is vital.

Shepherds Down’s project

This project is in the Inclusivity category

We are currently fundraising to replace the old adventure playground. The current playground is the most popular piece of equipment in the playground and as a result is, unfortunately, becoming old and excessively worn. The maintenance costs of keeping the structure in a safe condition are beginning to increase. For example, we are replacing rotten posts on a regular basis and the jointing around the perimeter of the surface is beginning to cause us concern. These funds would be put towards replacing it with a new, more inclusive and fully upgraded adventure playground fit for many more years of play and enjoyment by current, and future, school generations.

The new playground shall be designed so that all of the children, no matter what their disability, can make use of it. For example, it will have sections for those children with physical disabilities, such as a wheelchair ramp, and sensory panels which will benefit the autistic children within the school. There are more children with autism at the school than ever before and these children often have sensory processing issues and respond best to lessons outside and the playground would serve as an outside classroom.

For more information on Shepherds Down School, visit www.Shepherdsdown.co.uk or twitter @ShepherdsDown or  Facebook Friends of Shepherds Down School


  1. You can split your ten votes between projects
  2. You must vote before midday on 21 November 2017