Fourth Tennis Court – process

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Fourth Tennis Court on the Memorial Playing Fields

Parish Council Statement of Clarification

Compton and Shawford Lawn Tennis Club have expressed an interest in using their funds to create a 4th Tennis Court at the Memorial Playing Fields (MPF). The Parish Council is not convinced that such development is justified, in the best interests of the Parish, and that demand couldn’t be satisfied from better utilisation of the existing courts. At a meeting held last year to consider future options for the area, local support was expressed for the retention and continued enjoyment of the green space at the MPF. Neighbours of the MPF have also very specific concerns about the direct impact on them.

The Tennis Club includes many local residents and provides a good service to the community; they are entitled to ask their Parish Council to consider expansion. Equally, we need to listen to the concerns of the local residents and to establish whether this is in the best interest of the parish.

In order to devote resources the Parish Council needs to be assured there is sufficient local support to progress to a more formal consideration of the issues. Therefore, we have asked the Tennis Club to provide at least 200 supporting parish resident signatures by the end of September.

If 200 signatures are not secured the matter will not be pursued. If 200 signatures are achieved we will consult with the Tennis Club and other interested parties to formally consider the Tennis Club’s request and to establish the areas of concern. We have already indicated these include meeting local residents and other MPF user’s concerns, erosion of green space, impact on parking, traffic, noise, light pollution and how the Club can engage more with the local community.

Consultation with all affected and interested parties will be a key part of this.

Ultimately, any decision to proceed would need to be with the support of the majority of the parish as agreed at the 6th January 2015 Parish Council Meeting.

Mike Southgate