Ushakov medal for George

George Yorke with Ushakov medal
George Yorke with his Ushakov medal and Actic Star

George Yorke, who has lived in our Parish over 60 years, has just been awarded the Ushakov Medal by the Russian ambassador in London.

This unique decoration was awarded for what Winston Churchill described as the worst journey in the world and extrardinary even compared with what is considered to be beyond the call of duty.

Last year the Ministry of Defence awarded the Arctic Star to veterans seventy years later. Now the Government has given permission for them to receive the Ushakov medal.

George took part in six convoys under the most perilous conditions. He left the Royal Navy after World War II to become a lawyer and later set up several butterfly reserves in the county.

Russian Admiral Ushakov, who never lost a battle, was proclaimed patron saint of the Russian Navy.



This article appeared in the October 2014 issue of the Parish Magazine