The Viaduct Way

Inauguration of the Viaduct Way

Nicola Henshaw
Nicola introduces the artworks

Just over a month ago, on the 70th anniversary of D-Day, Friends of the Hockley Viaduct and others had gathered to unveil two  commemorative plaques on the Viaduct.

Walking the Viaduct Way

On Thursday 10th July 2014, Friends of the Hockley Viaduct, representatives of Compton & Shawford Parish Council, students from All Saints’ School in Highcliffe and other invited guests gathered for a special walk along the Viaduct Way from Hockley to  the centre of Winchester, finishing in Abbey Gardens.

The walk marked the completed installation of specially commissioned artworks by local artist Nicola Henshaw all along the route.

Nicola explained how she had spoken to as many local people as possible.

Route marker
This route marker evokes the tokens which were used to control access to single track sections of railway

She had drawn inspiration from those who used to watch trains go over the viaduct, and from children at schools at either end of the Viaduct Way: All Saints’ Compton and All Saints’ Highcliffe.

Dandelion on the Viaduct
Dandelion seed head on the Viaduct floor

The dandelion seed heads which decorate the Viaduct floor had been suggested by Becky, a pupil from All Saints, Compton.

One of the three oak panels in alcoves on the north wall of the viaduct.

Becky had written “The dandelions are floating across the viaduct, I try to catch them but I miss every time”. Look out for the benches in alcoves on the south wall of the viaduct which quote these lines.

Troops Plaque
Remembering the troops who crossed the viaduct in the First World War
Railwaymen Plaque
Remembering the railwaymen who supervised the viaduct in the 12 months leading up to D-Day

If you want to follow the route:

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