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OS OpenSpace maps are here

Thanks to the Ordnance Survey’s OpenSpace online mapping services,  we’ve been able to start adding live scrollable zoomable maps to our website.

Places of Interest
Map showing places of interest in the parish
Rights of Way map
Rights of Way in and around the parish
Documented Walks
Maps of local walks – this shows part of the Serendipity Trail

Here (clockwise from top left) are screenshots of the local Rights of Way map, places of interest in the parish, documented walks such as Tom Threlfall’s Serendipity Trail.

Click on the links above or the screenshots themselves to take you to the pages with the live maps.

Or browse the website to find other maps, such as recent planning applications.

Shown in the header above you can see the boundaries of the parish and the Compton Street conservation area.

If you want a description of each right of way, or you want to know which are footpaths and which are bridleways,  we’ve got a Parish Rights of Way page which lists them all. (The descriptions are hidden deep in the HCC website so we’ve reproduced our parish info here).

We’ve tested the maps on several browsers and iPads and smartphones. You can view the maps on all of these devices but the small screens on smartphones limit their usability.

We’d welcome feedback about how useful you find the maps and any additional features you’d like to see.


Originally published 30 August 2013. Updated April 2014