Trip to Newtown Creek

Compton & Shawford Walker’s Group: Trip to Newtown Creek Sunday 28 July

Seven intrepid walkers and one nervous leader met at Shawford railway station at 9 am on Sunday for a walk on the Isle of Wight. Despite the leader’s trepidations about public transport, the journeys (involving a total of four trains – five if you count the fact we had to move forward into a connecting train at Eastleigh – two ferries, and for some a bus journey) all went without any hitch at all. Everything was on time. It was miraculous! For those of a certain age, £16 for a return trip to Yarmouth IoW, plus free bus travel on the Island – has to be a bargain.

Added to all that was a glorious sunny day with a cool breeze, making for perfect walking conditions, plus some good pub grub. The day was only marred by two of the party giving a rendition of ‘Under the boardwalk’ when negotiating the real version at Newtown Creek. But otherwise I think the general verdict was that it had been a good day’s outing.


Tim Hunt