Police advice on selling vehicles

It has come to Police attention that some vehicles being sold privately via newspaper/magazine and internet sites have been targetted by thieves.

Important points to consider when selling a vehicle

There are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself from becoming a victim of crime when selling your vehicle:

  • it’s worth remembering that thieves can pose as potential buyers
  • never let the buyer go on a test drive alone as they may not come back
  • don’t leave the buyer alone with your keys in the ignition
  • be careful when accepting cheques or banker’s drafts, don’t part with your car until you’re sure the payment is genuine – if in doubt, contact your bank
  • it’s also worth asking the buyer for a form of identity, satisfying yourself that it looks genuine, alternatively the buyer may ask to see proof of your identity
  • know where the VIN number is as the buyer may want to check this


Submitted by our NeighbourhoodWatch representative

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