Consultation on Allotments: action required by 25 April 2011

To all Hampshire Federation of Horticultural Societies affiliated societies

You may be aware of the current review being undertaken regarding local government duties and one of the duties presently required of local authorities is the provision of allotments where there is a local demand, this legislation was the Small Holding & Allotments Act 1908 Section 23. (DCLG No 136)

In support of the continuation of these duties and to perhaps providing more guidance to local authorities, the Federation request that you advise as many of your members as possible and ask them to send feedback and comments in support this issue.

Details of the review and the comments given by the NSALG (National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Ltd) can be found on the following websites and there is also a link to the ‘webform’ feedback form:

The benefits of having an allotment include:

  • cheap source of fresh fruit and vegetables, and therefore a healthy diet
  • less contact with pesticides etc if you grow organically
  • opportunity to spend time outside enjoying nature
  • sense of achievement and well-being
  • giving your mind something positive to focus on
  • chance to learn
  • reduction in stress
  • chance to escape the pressures of modern living
  • helps community spirit and offers an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life
  • environment benefits by providing green spaces and wildlife habitats
  • gardening is a good form of exercise
  • a chance for children to learn where food comes from.

The closing date for this review is 25th April 2011 so please send your comments a.s.a.p

Ron Brumhill, Chairman HFHS