September 2007 Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 4 September 2007, Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall

Police Report

Police Constable Mark Smith reported that there had been 14 offences within the Parish since the last Parish Council meeting, These consisted of 2 non-dwelling burglaries, 2 miscellaneous thefts, 5 instances of criminal damage, 3 thefts from motor vehicles, 1 theft of a motor vehicle – a “digger” stolen from a building site and 1 instance of possession of cannabis. Crime levels, therefore, were reported to be relatively low. One issue that is being pursued is that of dogs being allowed to roam freely and defecate on the Memorial Playing Field. This matter is being escalated and is also being pursued by the Animal Welfare Officer, Winchester City Council.

District Councillors’ Reports

District Councillor Eleanor Bell reported on various issues including complaints received concerning noise emanating from Bramley House, Field Way, where a “Noise Abatement Order” is being pursued by Winchester City Council. Additionally, Councillor Bell advised that there is consideration being given to undertaking some expenditure on the maintenance of Hockley Viaduct. This is being considered by Winchester City Council, with a view to making it suitable for pedestrians and cyclists and to link such a footpath and cycleway with the proposed South Winchester Park and Ride facility.

District Councillor George Beckett reported on several issues, including the matter of fortnightly Household Waste collection. There had not been a significant number of complaints from this Parish concerning this new schedule, questions of “smell” from household waste being left for two weeks as opposed to the previous one week had not been raised. It is proposed to allow the scheme to run for one year and then have a review of the situation.

Councillor Beckett also advised that the Secretary of State does not wish to determine the Planning Application for the South Winchester Park and Ride facility herself and would like to leave the decision with the Local Planning Authority, Hampshire County Council. As such, the decision made by the Regulatory Committee on 25 July stands and the planning team have formally issued the planning permission certificate.

County Councillor’s Report

County Councilor Charlotte Bailey reported on South Winchester Park and Ride, Four Dell Farm Minerals and Waste Planning Applications, flashing 40 mph signs, Footpaths and Pavements, Travelers at Bushfield Camp, the Tower Arts Centre and Climate Change Lectures. With regard to the “flashing 40mph signs”, this was triggered 27,181 times over a two week period – 2,000 time a day. The police are aware that this is an area which would benefit from some enforcement action.

Finance and Admin

Councilor John Richardson reported on the Parish Council’s accounts, the proposed Jubilee Pavilion Sinking Fund, the Parish Hall Sinking Fund and the registration of Parish Council owned land at the Land Registry.

An important issue that was addressed was the Parish Council’s adoption of the revised Code of Conduct. Subsequent to the last Parish Council meeting where the Code was adopted, the Standards Board for England reversed their previous decision. Consequently, the issue of adopting the revised Code had to be repeated together with each Councilor completing a new “Declaration of Members Interests”.


Councilor Adrian Walmsley reported upon various Planning matters, including Ballakitch, Highways Roads, Ty-Gwyn, Southdown Road, and the various issues in respect of Four Dell Farm. In respect of Four Dell Farm, a number of e-mails had been sent to the Regulatory Committee, Hampshire County Council, by individuals including the District Councilors, County Councilors and the affected Parish Councils, making clear all of the salient objections. The Parish Council does not have the automatic right to speak at the Regulatory Committee meeting on 5 September: only individuals are able to speak. Accordingly, suitable representation has been arranged.

Highways and Byways

Councilor Patricia Caffyn reported on various issues, most notably the issue of vandalism within the wooden Bus Shelters. Again, one of the glass panels has been broken. This is an ongoing problem in that the Parish Council keeps having to replace the glass. It was concluded that it would be better not to replace the glass, thereby preventing the vandals from breaking it. Should there be significant complaints from residents over this, then the Parish Council will re-assess the matter.


Compton and Shawford Parish Council formally adopted the revised Code of Conduct applicable to Parish and Town Councils in England. This adoption included the “opting in” to paragraph 12(2) of the model code.