October 2006 PC Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 3rd October 2006, Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall

Shawford Down and Highland Cattle

Representatives of Hampshire Countryside Services attended the meeting and gave a presentation on progress for the Management of Shawford Down. Grants have been received and quotations for the necessary fencing are being obtained. This fencing will encompass the grassland areas of the Down, excluding the woodland areas. Numerous gates will be installed allowing free access to the Public. There will be no restrictions on dogs, which will be allowed to run free as at present. All fencing will be installed in the most unobtrusive way as possible, mainly on the edge or within existing shrubbery. With the fencing installed, six highland cattle will graze the Down for two months per year, between October and March. As the project moves closer to fruition, greater details of the proposal will be publicised through the Press, Parish Magazine and by notices on the Down.

Park and Ride

District Councillor George Becket and County Councillor Charlotte Bailey reported upon the proposed South Winchester Park and Ride Facility. It is becoming apparent that there is a possibility of the Itchen Farm (Old Tarmac Site) being considered in preference to the Bushfield Farm site. Whilst both sites are nearly equal in scoring, it is recognised that the Itchen Farm site is the preference of the local Community. Discussions were held on the question of the Local Gap, Bushfield Farm being within the Local Gap and Itchen Farm being outside the Local Gap. This in-itself must support the preference for the Itchen Farm site.

Southampton Airport

District Councillor Murray Macmillan reported upon the introduction of the new Embraer aircraft to be introduced by Flybe next year. This aircraft is reported to be 35% quieter than the existing Flybe BA146, and produces approximately 20% less pollution.

Road works in Otterbourne Road

County Councillor Charlotte Bailey, in addition to her report on the proposed South Winchester Park and Ride facility, reported on the Roadwork’s in Otterbourne Road, the possible installation of a temporary “Speed Indicator” on the Main Road between the Motorway Bridge and entrance to Compton Street, The Itchen Navigation Newsletter and the reorganisation of Hampshire County Council involving the introduction of “Hampshire Action Teams” in replacement of some Committees.

Itchen Navigation

Cllr Tom Threlfall reported upon matters relating to the Itchen Navigation and advised that the Water Voles living there had disappeared due to being killed off by Mink which had been released into the wild.

Bench Seats

The long outstanding issue of refurbishing and repairing the bench seats within the Parish was brought to a conclusion by Cllr. Mary Shaw being requested to get the outstanding works finished as soon as possible.

Victorian Jubilee memorial

Cllr. Patricia Caffyn reported that the refurbishing of the Victorian Jubilee Memorial had still not commenced. Even though the chosen Contractor promised to start this work in the last week of September, no such activity has been in evidence. Further telephone calls to the Contractor have resulted in further assurances. It was concluded that this whole situation has gone on for long enough and if work is not commenced within the next couple of weeks, the whole project will have to be reviewed.

Dog Bins

The requests for Dog Bins along the Itchen Navigation was discussed. Whilst the land upon which such Dog Bins could be located is not owned by the Parish Council, it was concluded that the Parish Council would not want to see the proliferation of such Dog Bins in an area which is a rural environment. Accordingly, the Parish Council would not support the request for Dog Bins along the Itchen Navigation.

Parish Plan

Mr Peter Betts, Chairman of the Project Plan Committee, attended the meeting and gave a brief progress report. The Project Plan Committee comprises some 14 members, representing all four quarters of the Parish. Two of these members represent the Disabled within the Parish. A separate but parallel project to the Parish Plan Project is the production of a Village Design Statement. This work is being headed up by Mr. Terry Wilson and involves close discussions with Winchester City Council, Planning Department, if the resultant document is to have any impact upon Planning issues in the Future. Current activity within these projects is focussed upon developing Questionnaires which Parishioners will be asked to complete, thereby driving out the views of the Parish as a whole. In addition to these Questionnaires, it is planned to hold “Open Days” where Parishioners will be able to express their views on the Parish and the Plans for the Future.