November 2005 PC Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 1st November 2005, Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall

Police Report

Police Constable Mark Smith attended the meeting and reported on crimes within the Parish since he last reported. These ranged from thefts in an Old Peoples Home to a Public Order offence which strictly speaking was not a Public Order Offence. Within this list of offences was one instance of a House Burglary. PC Smith advised the meeting that the Travellers at Bushfield Camp are being kept under the watching eye of Winchester Police and therefore the situation is out of the hands of PC Mark Smith and Twyford Police Station.

Southampton Airport

District Councillor George Beckett reported upon Southampton Airport Master Plan consultation and it was concluded that the Parish Council would make representations similar to those made by Winchester City Council.

Bushfield Camp

County Councillor Charlotte Bailey advised the meeting that the Agents for the Church Commissioners are actively pursuing the removal of the Travellers at Bushfield Camp.

Park and Ride

Extensive discussion took place concerning the proposed Park and Ride facility to be developed to the South of Winchester. Whilst Hampshire County Council propose to review various locations, a briefing note received by District Councillor George Beckett indicates that a location has already been determined. This is on land already owned by Hampshire County Council at Bushfield Farm, specifically on the land adjacent to the roundabout at the junction of Otterbourne Road and Badger Farm road. Hampshire County Council would not have to submit their proposals for this development to the usual planning procedures as they would be able to give themselves the required Planning Permission. They would only have to inform the Planning Authorities at Winchester City Council of their intentions.

The concerns expressed on this subject were the ever increasing encroachment of Winchester urbanisation on the Parish of Compton, the fact that the chosen location was within the “Local Gap” and the visual intrusion that an eight hundred car Car Park would have on the locality. The Parish Council will be making their objections known to the appropriate Authorities.


Various Planning issues were discussed including the proposed developments at Ballakitch/Merries, the noise pollution suffered by Southdown School as a result of the development at Mountain Ash and the long running issue of development at Longacre, Hurdle Way. In respect of this last item, it was noted that the land around Longacre had been entirely cleared and that “Speed Strips” had been placed across the road at the beginning of Hurdle Way. It is not known whether these two matters are connected and there has not been any further Planning Application for Longacre submitted to-date.

Memorial Playing Field

Landscaping at the Memorial Playing Fields has commenced, however this has had to be suspended due to the very bad weather. Work will continue when the weather allows.

Parking in Shawford

White lines on the road in Shawford Village to discourage Car Parking have been installed. However, the contractors undertaking this work installed them in the wrong place. This will be corrected shortly. It was noted that the police have recently issued parking tickets on cars parked on the bend of Shawford Road.

Registration of land owned by the Parish Council

Significant discussion took place concerning the proposal for the Parish Council to register Parish Council owned land with the Land Registry. Most of the Parish Council owned Land is held under Deed of Title dating back many years. To register this land at the Land Registry would simplify future transactions affecting this Land. Additionally, it is deemed preferable to clarify the ownership whilst there are people still living within the Parish who have knowledge of this issue. The Clerk was charged with establishing the cost of registering with the Land Registry.