March 2004 PC Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 2nd March 2004, Shawford Parish Hall

Bridge Lane lighting

Discussions were held on the Petition organised by Mrs Gillian Webster for the installation of a Street Lamp in Bridge Lane. Further discussions with Mrs Webster on this issue will have to be undertaken by Councillor Threlfall for reporting back to the next Parish Council meeting.

Aircraft flight paths

It was reported by Mrs Charlotte Bailey in her capacity as Transport Representative, that a revised flight path will be instigated for a three-month trial period which will result in aircraft entering Southampton Airport on a longer approach avoiding the flying over certain parts of Compton and Shawford, together with steeper rate of climb resulting in aircraft achieving a higher altitude at an earlier point on leaving Southampton Airport. At the end of this three-month trial period, flight paths will revert to the existing patterns. By this means, it is hoped to establish that the revised flight paths will result in fewer complaints than the existing flight paths.

Jubilee Pavilion

Councillor Nick Campbell-White reported on the outstanding issues in respect of the Jubilee Pavilion. He advised the meeting that approximately 90% of outstanding issues connected with matters internal to the Pavilion will be resolved within the next two weeks. External works in respect of landscaping and repairs to the surrounding areas will take a little longer, such activities being dependant upon the weather and ground conditions.

The new Equipment Storage shed is to be installed this week which will enable the old Pavilion and associated facilities to be finally vacated. However, Councillor Campbell-White reported a problem that had arisen in connection with the old Pavilion. This was the finding of significant amounts of asbestos within the fabric of the building. This will have to be carefully removed and disposed of prior to demolition of the old Pavilion. This is not only an unforeseen cost to the project but will also be a cause for delay in completion.


During the session on Planning matters, it was determined that it is necessary for Councillor Mrs. Jean Millar to take over the responsibilities of Convenor of the Parish Council Planning Committee. Councillor Millar will assume this responsibility with immediate effect.

Memorial Playing Fields

Having taken advice from The Hampshire Playing Fields Association, it was determined that notices prohibiting Golf Practice on the Memorial Playing Field will have to be installed. Councillor Mrs. Mary Shaw will undertake a review of the suitable locations for the placing of these notices. It is regretted that such activities as Golf Practice have to be prohibited, but for reasons of safety of the Public, the Parish Council considers it has no option.

Refuse Collection pilot scheme

Cllr. C.Simmons advised that there is a meeting on the 6th April 2004 at Winchester City Council, to discuss the proposals to introduce a fortnightly Refuse Collection pilot scheme in various areas early in 2005. One pilot area is the Southdown area of Shawford. District Councillor Charlotte Bailey will be attending and she felt it appropriate that a Parish Councillor should also attend. This is considered to be an important issue that may affect all Parishioners in due course.

Annual Parish Assembly

Councillor Mr. Adrian Walmsley reminded Councillors that the Annual Parish Assembly is due to take place on Wednesday 28th April 2004 in the Shawford Parish Hall. To this end, Councillor Walmsley asked that he be provided with reports to be published in a Newsletter. Such a Newsletter will be circulated to every household in the Parish, together with an Agenda for the meeting, some two weeks prior to the 28th April 2004.