November 2003 PC Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 4th November 2003, Shawford Parish Hall

Public Session

During the session open for comments from members of the Public, Mrs Jo Lockett spoke about her letter of objection to the proposal by the Tennis Club to erect windbreaks on the northern wire fence around the Tennis Courts. The Farmer, Mr. J.Venn spoke about his letter to the Parish Council requesting the Parish Council’s support in relaxing the conditions imposed by the Planning Permission on the hours of use of the Grain Dryer at Silkstead Farm.

District Councillor’s Report

District Councillor Mrs. Charlotte Bailey reported upon the deliberations concerning the Winchester District Local Plan, the result of which would be a greater weighting given to the character of the area in terms of applying the requirements of PPG3.

Mrs. Bailey also reported on the improvements being considered for the Winchester City Council Planning Committee. Whilst it is not intended to introduce “Local Area Planning Committees” as suggested by Alresford Town Council, it is intended that the composition of the Planning Committee will include a greater representation of local members on a proportional basis. This to achieve a greater level of local input to the Planning Committee deliberations.


Councillor Mr. Tom Threlfall answered questions concerning the cutting down of trees that have Tree Preservation Orders upon them, by advising that should such actions be threatened it should be immediately reported to the Mr. Michael Edwards of Winchester City Council Planning Department. He would attend on-site immediately and take the appropriate action. It should be noted that the cutting down, or even pruning, of trees with a Tree Preservation Order upon them, without the necessary permission, attracts a fine of up to �25,000 together with a criminal record for the culprit.

Pavilion Project

Mr. Paul Murray reported upon the progress of the new Pavilion project. It was confirmed that the new Pavilion will be called the “Jubilee Pavilion” and its construction continues to be on schedule. Plans are being formulated for the opening, which is due to take place at 10.30am on Saturday, 20th December 2003. It was agreed that the Chairman of the Parish Council will perform the opening ceremony with brief speeches from the Chairman of the Parish Council and Chairman of the New Pavilion Building Committee. It is anticipated that members of the press together with representatives of Sport England will be in attendance.

Code of Practice

Councillor Mr. Nick Campbell-White proposed that the suggested code of practice for the Handling of Complaints, as suggested by the Head of Legal Services, NALC, be adopted by Compton and Shawford Parish Council in its entirety. This was duly approved by a formal vote.


There was considerable discussion concerning the request from Mr. J.Venn, the farmer at Silkstead Farm, who requested the Parish Council’s support in the removal of restrictions on the hours of use of the grain dryer at Silkstead Farm. Whilst the Parish Council does not wish to hinder the business activities of Farmers in the area, it must also be cognisant of the needs of residents within the Parish. It is a matter of striking a balance between the wishes of residents and the needs of such local businesses. It was agreed that the previous objection made by the Parish Council now needs to be revised in the light of further information having been presented to the Parish Council. However, due to a point of order, which prevents the Parish Council revisiting a decision within a period of six months, the matter was deferred until the December Parish Council meeting at which it will be discussed further.

Memorial Playing Field

The subject of the Tennis Club’s proposal to erect “windbreaks” on the northern wire fencing surrounding the Tennis Courts at Memorial Playing Field was discussed at length. A sample of the material to be use had been provided, but full details of the size and positioning had not been identified. Similarly, no details concerning the anticipated advertising on such windbreaks had been advised to the Parish Council. Without this information, the Parish Council is unable to give adequate consideration to the proposal or even undertake meaningful consultation with the neighbouring residents. The Tennis Club will be requested to provide the required information for the matter to be considered further.

Bus Shelter in Atwoods Drove

Councillor Mrs Celia Simmons reported that the new Bus Shelter had been installed in Attwoods Drove and reimbursement of its cost is awaited from the “Delegated Fund”. It was generally agreed that this new Bus Shelter looks good and is entirely suitable for its location. It was noted, however, that there is already some graffiti on it, which is disappointing.