December 2002 PC Meeting Report

Report on the December Meeting
Tuesday 3rd December Shawford Parish Hall

City Councillor’s report

District Councillor Charlotte Bailey reported upon the application by Winchester City Council of PPG3 in connection with planning matters, a local planning appeal, the Winchester District Local Plan, the monitoring of Housing Permissions and Completions and the retirement of David Cowan, Chief Executive of Winchester City Council.

Transport report

As Transport Representative, Charlotte Bailey reported on the new arrangements for the day-to-day Roads Management whereby the subject has been passed from Hampshire County Council to Winchester City Council. District Councillor Peter Mason expressed his concerns over the effectiveness of this new arrangement, saying that only time will tell.


Councillor Tom Threlfall informed the meeting that he had received a response from Railtrack on the issue of tree and scrub clearance along the rail embankment. It appears that a 1 metre wide strip along the fence line will be cleared, thereby eliminating any encroachment upon neighbouring properties.


Councillor Threlfall also advised that the state of the footpath from Hurdle Way to Compton Street had been advised to Mrs. Giles, Rights of Way Area Officer South, with a view to getting it refurbished. Due to pressure of other work, it is uncertain as to when this footpath will be attended to.

Finance and admin Committee

Councillor Nick Campbell-White reported upon the progress made with the production of a new lease for the Sports Club, which would be effective once the new Pavilion is built. It was requested that all councillors acquaint themselves with the content of the draft Lease in order to eliminate further discussion at a later date.

Councillor Campbell-White also advised that draft Budgets for the financial year 2003/2004 had been prepared and had yet to be reviewed by the Finance and Administration Committee. Whilst these proposed Budgets demanded an increase in Precept, primarily due to the New Pavilion Project, it was agreed by all Councillors that such an increase should be kept to a modest level.


Councillor Martin Bell reported upon the Dibden Bay planning issue and it was agreed that any further objection would not be appropriate.

Also Councillor Bell reported upon the Planning Appeal concerning Mawdlam Lodge. It was agreed that the Parish Council would support the appellant where possible on this issue.

Playing Fields committee

Councillor Mary Shaw reported that there had been no action in respect of the screening of the resurfaced Tennis Courts from the neighbouring properties. This, despite the Tennis Club having agreed, as part of the resurfacing work, to undertake such screening. A response to a letter from the Parish Council to the Tennis Club is awaited which hopefully will resolve the situation to everybody’s satisfaction.

Bus shelters

Councillor Celia Simmons reported upon her progress regarding the installation of a Bus Shelter at the end of Attwoods Drove. Further investigations into the most suitable type of Bus Shelter are to be undertaken.

Parking in Compton Street

Councillor Simmons also reported that complaints had been received concerning parking in Compton Street by mothers/fathers involved in the morning and evening “School Run”. It is apparent that this street parking is not only creating a dangerous situation, it is causing difficulties to people using Compton Street at those times. Resolutions to this problem previously put forward by the Parish Council met with disapproval. However, views of the School and Parochial Church Council will be sought to establish if such proposals would now be acceptable and therefore pursued.