October 2000 PC Meeting Report

Report on the October Meeting
Tuesday, 3 October 2000, Shawford Parish Hall

Councillor Mr N. Campbell-White was in the chair and welcomed 15 members of the public.

Locum Clerk

The Chairman introduced Mr R. Park, Clerk to Medstead and Four Marks Parish Councils, who attended to take the minutes of the meeting.

Questions from the public

Questions were asked by the public concerning moving play equipment and written questions were received about the pavilion.

Planning Sub-committee

At the recent WCC Planning Control meeting, the Chilterns Dyslexic Unit application was granted and the Shawford Park application refused (see footnote*).
Cllr Bailey reported on progress on the Bushfield Camp site. Cllr Bell reported on the WCC Brownfield Site Housing seminar.

Playing Fields Sub-committee

An open meeting was held to discuss play equipment. Ruth Bishop attended and spoke about Open Spaces policy and funding. Whilst there is an urgent need to replace children’s play equipment, it was also clear that facilities for teenagers were lacking. It was decided to investigate the demand and suggestions for improvements. A longer term plan is needed, as is clarification of funding availability from the parish council.
An application by a parishioner to lease a strip of the Memorial Playing Fields was turned down.

New Pavilion Sub-committee

A block built wooden clad pavilion will be costed to compare with the wooden option. Discussion continues on the best position for the building, either on the existing site or on a new site on the return land. Suggestions for public consultation should come before the next parish council meeting and accurate costings presented to the December meeting to allow an option to be chosen.

Highways, Byways, M3 & Environment Sub-committee

The ownership of the Shawford Down car park has been resolved. We are negotiating with the HCC to put up a height restriction to discourage lorry parking, etc. HCC are testing dog fouling prevention at Danebury Ring. If successful, it will be introduced to the Down. It was noted that the Bus Shelters are complete but already vandalised; costings for polycarbonate replacement will be obtained. The previous parish council ordered three new notice boards; this was reduced to two to keep within budget.

Finance and Administration Sub-committee

It was proposed and carried that two “dog bins” be installed on the Memorial Playing Fields. A report on waste injection will be submitted to the parish magazine.
A snapshot of parish finances is being prepared and will be available at the November parish council meeting. This will allow discussion of funding for the pavilion and play equipment.
The processing of applications for the vacant Clerk’s position continues.


The CASCA Annual General Meeting takes place on Friday 20 October. All are welcome.

Martin Bell

* The applicant is appealing against the decision. The appeal will start on the 21 November and last for three days. It will be held at the Parish Hall.