July 2000 PC Meeting Report


Councillor Mr N Campbell-White was in the chair and was pleased to welcome twenty-one members of the public to the meeting.

District Councillor’s Report

City Councillor Mrs C. Bailey reported that Hampshire County Council in conjunction with Test Valley Borough Council are assessing a scheme that targets dog owners exercising their dogs on Danebury Ring. With the help of dog wardens, notices and bins, owners are encouraged to remove their dogs’ faeces where necessary. If this scheme proves to be effective Councillor Bailey hopes to persuade Hampshire County Council to introduce a similar scheme on Shawford Down where there is a major problem with dog fouling.

Mrs Bailey announced that funding for the re-surfacing of the car park at the bottom of Shawford Down had been rejected. However, it had been agreed to fill the potholes as a temporary measure.

Parish Footpath Sub-committee

Councillor Jennings said that as the function of this particular sub-committee is largely one of re-action rather than pro-action there was little in general to report. However, there was one concern and that was the roots of the poplar trees in the corner of the Memorial Playing Field through which a footpath runs. There is a danger that a walker, if not careful, could trip on the roots resulting in injury. The question posed is whether the Parish Council is liable? Putting down soil will only allow a temporary solution and the soil will soon erode exposing the roots. As the laying of soil would cost several hundred pounds this would seem a needless waste of the Parish’s scarce resources. Legal advice is being sought and in the mean time please be careful.

Planning Sub-committee

Councillor Millar said the main cause of concern was the retrospective planning application to increase the size of the Chilterns, Southdown Road that is run as a school for dyslexic children. This application has been made to regularise the position and it is a question as to whether this is an acceptable practice in what is deemed to be a residential area.

The main objections from residents are:

  • The restrictive covenant on the property prohibiting the use of the building for business purposes.
  • High level of noise affecting the immediate neighbours
  • Traffic problems on a blind corner caused by parked cars, speeding vehicles and the site access across the public footpath to Shawford Down.
  • Damage caused by the children to the boundary fences with neighbouring properties.

The Council have written to Winchester City Council stating there is considerable opposition to the current application and asking for the overall position to be reviewed.

Playing Fields Management Sub-committee

Councillor Shaw raised the matter of Dog Waste Bins and it was agreed that the sub-committee would produce a plan recommending sitings for the bins within the Parish, costings and whether Hampshire County Council could provide financial assistance to what was becoming an ever increasing problem on Shawford Down.

The subject of the poplar tree roots was again raised. It was decided to produce a solution costing up to £375 by the next Parish Council meeting by which time the question of Parish liability should have been resolved.

Councillor Shaw reported on the Millennium Tree Project that made £2,000 available to the Hampshire Parish Councils for the purchase and planting of trees. If any parishioner has ideas of the type of trees and where they should be planted please contact Councillor Shaw.

New Pavilion Sub-committee

Councillor Bell, in the absence of Councillor Walmsley, reported the current thinking on the proposed new pavilion was a wooden alternative.

He added that it may be possible for the Parish, with the help of the Sports Club and other grant bodies but not Sport England, to finance the project. He said that within two weeks it is planned to produce accurate financial figures for comparison with an alternative brick building. The Chairman pointed out that the Parish should not jump to a quick solution, should evaluate all options and should plan for the pavilion to last for at least fifty years.

Highways and Byways Sub-committee

Councillor Simmons announced that the new bus shelter opposite the Shepherds Lane bridge should be installed within three to four weeks. The bus shelter outside Shawford Station, which had been requested by the bus company, was not considered necessary.

Councillor Simmons said she would be approaching Winchester City Council requesting speed limit signs along Shepherds Lane and would report back at the next meeting.

Parish Clerk

As a result of comments made at both the June and July Parish Council meetings, the Parish Clerk has resigned.

Mike Andrews, Clerk