April 2000 PC Meeting Report


Councillor Mr N Campbell-White was in the Chair and was pleased to welcome eight members of the public to the meeting.

District Councillor’s Report

City Councillor Mrs Campbell-White announced that Winchester City Council is working slowly towards providing sports facilities at Bushfield Camp. A Park and Ride car park on the camp site is still part of the scheme.

Mrs Campbell-White voiced her concern on the “cabinet system” being introduced into the Winchester City Council. She thought it was undemocratic. As the Bill has been defeated in the House of Lords there is now no mandate to introduce it into the Council. The new system will be a small committee of 10/12 councillors in whom power is vested whilst another committee monitors its activities, similar to an opposition. This leaves the remainder of the councillors with a non-specific role. Mrs Campbell-White felt the proposal should be discussed openly with the electorate.

Police Report

Police Constable Barham reported that since 1 February there have been three crimes reported in the parish. A moped was stolen and two cars broken into and jackets stolen. He announced that a letter is to be circulated announcing a merger between Twyford and Alresford Police Sections. This is not expected to affect the Parish much, but if anything it should result in a small improvement in police coverage of the area.

Postal Services

After a long campaign by the Parish Council and local residents, the Post Office has finally agreed that the Otterbourne Road forms the boundary between Compton and Shawford. Properties on the east side of Otterbourne Road continue to be in Shawford while those on the west side now have a new, Compton, postcode. The Post Office has written to all affected residents about this change.


No news has been received from Winchester City Council which is still considering the planning application from Shawford Park for a stable block for polo ponies. The Parish Council has decided to object to the application to build stables adjacent to Silkstead Farm because of the close proximity to residential properties.

Southdown Residents Association has agreed to take a common approach to planning applications for the Southdown area. Other residents’ associations may like to consider this approach as it would greatly help the Parish Council in reaching their decisions on planning matters.

Play Equipment

A meeting has been arranged for 18 April with Playground Services to finalise the plan for improvements to the playgrounds. The next step will be to obtain tenders and then the City Council will be approached to release some of the Open Space Fund monies earmarked for our parish.

New Pavilion

Work is progressing well with the revised grant application although the production of the document looks as if it will take 3 weeks longer than originally expected. Once completed the draft will be circulated to Councillors for comment. Parishioners who wish to view the submission can do so through one of the councillors. Winchester City Council has written to the Parish Council saying it is supportive of the Pavilion Bid.

Parish Hall

Work on the car park has started and should be finished by the end of April. CASCA is considering a suggestion that attractive trees be planted along the edge of the car park by Pearson’s Lane. The only other outstanding project, the renovation of the Heathcote Room, is currently being costed. The sign to the Parish Hall to be placed at the end of Pearson’s Lane is part of a batch being manufactured and will be installed as soon as it is ready.

Local Elections

Just to remind all parishioners that 4 May is Election Day for the Parish Council and it is hoped for a good turnout.

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held in the Parish Hall on Tuesday 2 May 2000 starting at 7.30pm. Your councillors will report on progress during the past year and plans for the future. There will be time for you to ask questions and make comments. It is hoped as many as possible will attend so that your views can be heard.

Mike Andrews, Clerk