January 2000 PC Meeting Report


Cllr Mr N Campbell-White was in the Chair and was pleased to welcome fifteen parishioners to the meeting.

Traffic Calming

County Councillor Mrs A Bailey reported that Hampshire County Council would be implementing traffic calming measures in Hiltingbury/Hocombe Roads. Eastleigh Borough Council had been asked to fund the proposed lorry ban for this same area.


City Councillor Mrs M Campbell-White advised that Winchester City Council proposed taking legal action in respect of the nuisance associated with the grain drier at Silkstead Farm.

Street names

Councillors agreed to notify residents of Hunts/Bridge Lane of procedures to be followed by Winchester City Council when naming a road. Residents would be asked to respond to the Parish Council on a reply slip attached to the letter stating their road name preference.

Post Codes

The Clerk advised that Winchester City Council had requested the Royal Mail to amend the property address of residences on Otterbourne Road to reflect the locality boundary between Shawford and Compton. Councillors noted that the City Council had no statutory power to instruct this authority to implement this request.

Memorial Playing Field – cricket square

The cricket square on the Memorial Playing Fields needs extensive work (about £2000 to £3000 including work and material) and the Sports Club had asked whether the Parish Council would pay for the work. There is no obligation in the Sports Club Licence for the Parish Council to pay for maintenance of the square. Councillors asked the sub-committee to see how much the Sports Club would be able to contribute to the work, and to investigate grants. An interest-free loan was an option.

New pavilion project

Following the “soft refusal” letter from Sport England, (published in full in the January 2000 edition of the Parish magazine), Councillors have been fully engaged in exploring how to improve the areas identified as being deficient in this letter, in order to maximise the chances that any improved or fresh grant application to Sport England would be successful. Councillors had met with Michael Weakley, (as reported in December’s edition of the Parish magazine), and meetings were being arranged with the City Council’s Sport Development Officer, and Jennie Owen, Lottery Co-ordinating Manager, (during the Council’s first bid this was not permitted). Compton & Shawford Sports Club were also involved in this exercise by looking for ways in which the wider local community could benefit from any money invested by Sport England in this project. Questions from the public mostly centred around requiring clarification on points associated with the lottery bid and the new pavilion project in general. The Chairman, Cllr Mr N Campbell-White, made a commitment that, unlike the previous application, any improved or fresh application to Sport England would come before the full Council for approval. He confirmed that the New Pavilion Sub-Committee was authorized by the full Council to submit the previous application.

Parish Hall

CASCA continues to receive favourable reports from people using the Parish Hall. The association was anxious to ensure that works to upgrade the Car Park would be undertaken as soon as the outcome of the grant application was known in March. They had previously asked whether the PC would pay for the work if their application were refused, but the finance sub-committee pointed out that from the outset it had been made clear that the Parish Council had capped its contribution at £142,000. Councillors accepted that, but agreed that a loan could be considered favourably, as a last resort, since the car park had to be finished both to complete the project and to satisfy planning conditions. CASCA is also involved in raising funds towards constructing the terrace maze.

The Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire, Mrs M Fagan, has kindly agreed to open the new Post Office on Thursday, 3 February, 2000, at 11 o’clock. This is considered a great honour. All parishioners are invited to attend the short opening ceremony.

Traffic safety – flooding

There was a serious flood in Compton Bottom on Christmas Eve, resulting in one accident and a number of breakdowns. Had the new overhead light been working, this might have helped motorists to see the hazard. The Highways and Byways sub-committee was asked to investigate the reasons and ensure HCC undertook any remedial work to prevent a recurrence.

Budget for 2000/2001

The Finance and Administration Sub-Committee presented recommendations in respect of budgets and Precept request for the year 2000/2001. Councillors unanimously approved a Precept of £21,500. For this year non-recurring expenditure includes:

  1. A retirement gratuity for the Clerk in line with Local Government Superannuation (Discretionary Payments) Regulations 1996 No 1680 as interpreted by HAPTC.
  2. The Council’s 50% share of the cost of the lighting at the junction of Compton Street and Otterbourne Road.
  3. Financial support for Compton School Building Project, (this is a commitment for 3 years).
  4. Repair/refurbishment of antique clock from the Parish Hall.
  5. Financial back-up for CASCA should their management of the hall result in a deficit.

Appointment of new clerk

Following two rounds of interviews for a new Parish Clerk, the sub-committee recommended the appointment of Mr M Andrews. The appointment, to take effect from 5 January, 2000, was confirmed by the Council.

Correspondence to the Parish Council should be sent to the new clerk whose full address is Michael Andrews, [contact details redacted – Ed]. Our retiring clerk, Dennis Richman, has agreed to stay on and help Mr M Andrews on a part time basis until about the end of March 2000.