November 1999 PC Meeting Report


Cllr Nick Campbell-White was in the chair and welcomed eight parishioners to the meeting.

Slurry injection on farm land

Cllr Mrs Bailey reported on issues associated with the injection of sewage and sludge on to farm land at Compton. The Council asked Cllr Mrs White to approach Hampshire County Council on behalf of the Parish and present our concerns. The Chairman reiterated the Council’s view that raw sewage should not be injected on to land close to human habitation.

Traffic Calming

HCC Roads and Highways development Committee will be resolving the issues of traffic calming for Hiltingbury/Hocombe Roads and the lorry ban at a meeting to be held on 6th December.

County housing requirements

District Cllr Mrs Campbell-White advised the Council to be vigilant with Hampshire being required to find land to build additional houses to those planned for in the Hampshire Structure Plan. Bushfield Camp looked vulnerable.


‘The Council discussed a complaint about late delivery of mail in Compton. The agreed Royal Mail standards for deliveries in such an area are between 7am and 2pm and as the complaint concerned mail delivered at 1245pm the Council felt that they could do very little. However, as the delivery service in our area is reportedly being rescheduled, a letter would be sent to the Head Postmaster pointing out the autumn deficiencies.


Residents of Otterbourne Road, living in Compton, have the anomaly of Shawford postcodes. The Council are in communication with Winchester City Council and it is hoped that correspondence from the City Council dated 1992 will resolve this matter once and for all. The issue had been taken up once again with the Winchester City Council Chief Engineer.

Millennium committee

A volunteer to chair the parish millennium celebrations is urgently required. As time is getting short a committee has been formally constituted so that an application can be made for a grant to fund a time capsule, to be buried under the scheduled maze at the Parish Hall.

Parish Hall

The parish hall is flourishing after the official opening. It is hoped that the post office will be completed soon, plus the car park and landscaping. Quotations for constructing the car park have been received and the Council were pleased to learn that the selected contractor’s estimate is lower than the original budget. There will be a delay to commencement of the work on the car park until the promised grants have been received. The hall has been valued for insurance purposes at £256,000.

Street lighting

Hampshire County Council have advised that the street lighting to be installed on Otterbourne Road and the junction with Compton Street will be delayed whilst BT and Southern Electricity sort out the proximity of their respective sets of cables.

Southdown bus shelter

Three members of the Council will be inspecting a second-hand bus shelter to see if it is suitable, and weather proof, for installation on the east side of Southdown Road.

Retirement of clerk

The Chairman advised that the Clerk, Dennis Richman, is to retire sometime in the year 2000, after 15 years’ conscientious service to the Parish. Mr Richman is recovering well after his heart attack and is back at his desk working part-time for the Parish. The council will advertise to fill the post and Mr Richman has kindly agreed to train his replacement. Presently, to lighten Dennis Richman’s load, Mrs Mary Davies kindly takes the minutes and does the work associated with agendas and queries.

The January meeting of the Council will be as scheduled on Tuesday 4th January at 7.15pm in the Parish Hall