February 1998 PC Meeting Report

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on 3 February with Mr AD Walmsley in the Chair. Eight councillors attended together with half a dozen members of the public. Apologies for absence from District Councillor Mrs. M. Campbell-White and County Councillor Mrs.A.E. Bailey.

Questions and submissions from members of the public

concerned management of the parish hall, routes through Shawford for the proposed national cycle network in Hampshire, and the nuisance of fouling by dogs, all of which were responded to at the time of raising.

Planning – Appleshaw House.

After Mr Nigel Sloper of the Winchester District Housing Association explained the proposals for the site, the Council decided to support the application for nine self-contained flats with associated parking on the condition that planning permission be restricted to use for affordable housing for rent, with preference given to applicants having strong local connections. Mr. Sloper pointed out that the 1996 Housing Act gives the Association greater powers concerning tenants who prove unsuitable or disruptive.

Sustrans – The National Cycle Network in Hampshire.

Following discussion of the Sustrans document submitted to Cllr Mrs Millar, and having regard to points raised by members of the public, it was agreed to write HCC in broad support of the National Cycle Network but drawing attention to the need for public consultation and fact that one of the routes identified appears unfeasible as there is no footpath or public right of way over The Malms Drive.

The Annual Parish Meeting

is to be held on Tuesday 28 April 1998, at 7.30 p.m. Following requests at the 1997 meeting for parishioners to have time to study the previous year’s minutes before the meeting, it was agreed to distribute the minutes of the 1997 Annual Parish Meeting with the April 1998 issue of the Parish Magazine. Copies will be available to non-subscribers on application to the Clerk.

Centenary of Mrs Beryl Croker.

A public bench seat has been installed on Shawford Down in honour of the 100th birthday, on 23 January 1998, of Mrs Beryl Lillian Croker. Mrs.Croker was present at the ceremony when the Chairman of the Parish Council addressed the assembly with a speech of dedication.

Sports pavilion.

Emergency repairs to the leaking roof and changing rooms are needed.

Sports Club Lease/New Pavilion Building.

Draft lease of proposed pavilion awaiting Sports Club comments and final agreement.

Transfer of Shawford Parish Hall to CASCA and sale of adjacent plot.

Land boundaries have been settled and agreed by all parties. It is hoped that work of refurbishment of the hall will commence in early July. The names of officers of CASCA and members of the management committee (one seat vacant) were reported, also, that Cllr NJ Campbell-White will be the Parish Council representative to CASCA and Cllr Mrs JM Millar co-opted to serve as second representative. The Parish Council Hall subcommittee is to ensure that regular hall users are warned that the Hall will be unavailable for a period during the renovation works. The architect’s plans for the hall have been agreed in principle with CASCA but councillors asked that a second look be taken at the design because of the likely high construction costs to accommodate new stairs.

Parish Project 1997/98 – bus shelter.

Because the capital cost for a new bus shelter has risen above the £3,500 qualifying limit for a City Council “Parish Project” grant, the Council decided to shelve plans for a shelter in the southbound bus lay-by on Otterbourne Road, opposite Shepherds Lane Bridge.

National Spring Clean 1-30 April 1998.

Agreed to take part in this event with a litter pick during the last week in April. The Parish Council will seek the help of individuals and organisations who so kindly assisted last year.

Traffic fatality – Otterbourne Road.

Cllr. Whitaker reported that he had discussed possible causes with the police the day after the accident. As it is still under investigation the police cannot comment on whether road conditions, surface, lighting or speed were factors in the accident.


This ongoing problem continues with recent damage to a traffic sign, a bus shelter and notice boards.

Finance subcommittee:

Cllr Lockett is working with his counterpart on Otterbourne PC to bring the clerk’s remuneration in line with national guidelines.

Precept 1998/99.

Following submission of subcommittee budgets, a precept on Winchester City Council has been agreed in the sum of £18,576.00 for 1998/99 being an increase of 3% over that for 1997/98.

Back Copies:

Monthy reports back to December 1994 are on the Parish Council’s web site at https://comptonshawford-pc.gov.uk or https://comptonshawford-pc.gov.uk