CASCA AGM and Parish Hall

Compton & Shawford Community Association

Discussions have taken place between members of the Parish Council and CASCA on the running of the Parish Hall after its modernisation work. As a result, CASCA is most likely to assume the management responsibility for the new Parish Hall, which is an exciting and challenging role.

The purpose of CASCA at its formation was, inter alia, “to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation with the object of improving the condition of life for the (Parish) inhabitants”. Effort was concentrated on a potential central community centre, but this was not a convincingly popular project and soon became outdated. However, management of the refurbished Shawford Parish Hall now provides a very worthwhile job to be done.

The present Parish Hall is owned and managed by the Parish Council. CASCAs involvement in the management of the refurbished Hall, would have in the words of Nick Campbell-White, the following aims and objectives:

  1. To broaden the base of management; at present two PC members are only able to devote part of their time to Hall affairs
  2. To improve contact with Hall users, present and future
  3. To increase the use of the Hall, following up new ideas
  4. To be in a position to claim grants. These are only available for Halls not owned by Parish Councils. The Parish Council is prepared to grant a 30 year lease to CASCA, and draft documents are already under discussion
  5. Indirectly to promote more parish involvement/community spirit – as we saw in the Centenary celebrations with original pantomimes and music hall talents

The financial basis will be agreed with the Parish Council, and overall the project looks set for the revitalisation of CASCA. All this is a prelude to an

Annual General Meeting of CASCA
at 8pm on Wednesday 7 January 1998
in Shawford Parish Hall

This meeting is open to all parishioners over the age of 18.

Apart from dealing with essential formalities, the main item will be to discuss some relatively minor proposals in constitution, particularly to take account of the role of management for the refurbished Parish Hall. We would also like a nomination for Secretary.


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