PC Subcommittees for 1997/8

Compton & Shawford Parish Council

Subcommittees for 1997/98
Subcommittee Members – convenor first Responsibilities
Finance and admin Tony Lockett
Adrian Walmsley
John West
Budget and precept
Clerk’s and other wages
Office equipment, stationery, 
Appoint Responsible Financial Officer.
Financial Standing orders and adherence to accounting regulations.
Playing Field Management Ray Wilmshurst
Tony Lockett
David Ellis
Maintenance and improvement of facilities, play equipment, trees and plants, pitches.
Sports Club negotiations Nick Campbell-White
Adrian Walmsley
John West
Work with Sports Club on new lease, new pavilion, planning application, lottery application. Ensure parishioners are kept informed.
Parish Hall Site David Ellis/John West
Jean Millar
Tom Threlfall
Achieve sale of adjacent site for best value consistent with safeguarding the parish against unsuitable development. Keep residents (SVRA) informed of progress.
Parish Hall Management Nick Campbell-White
Jean Millar
Tom Threlfall
Running and maintenance of Parish Hall
Design of improvements.
Investigate transfer to charitable status.
Planning Jean Millar
Nick Campbell-White
Tom Threlfall
Ron Whitaker
Monitor planning applications affecting the Parish. Make sure affected neighbours are aware of applications. Advise City Council planners of PC objections as appropriate. Review District Plan.
Highways, Byways and Environment Ron Whitaker
Ray Wilmshurst
David Ellis 
John West
The Down, Footpaths, RUPPs & BOATs.
Road Signs, street lighting, traffic safety, speed limits, M3, parking, bus shelters, 
Waste management, Clean-up days.
Representatives to various bodies
Transport Grp Capt Monty Dawson CPRE David Ellis
Tree Warden Tom Threlfall HCCS Nick Campbell-White
Footpaths Tom Threlfall School Governor Ray Wilmshurst
Winchester District Assn of Parish Councils Nick Campbell-White Hampshire Waste – environmental liaison group Ron Whitaker
Contact details for Parish Council
Adrian Walmsley (chairman)
Nick Campell-White
Vice Chairman
Dennis Richman (clerk) David Ellis
Tony Lockett Jean Millar
Tom Threlfall John West
Ron Whitaker Ray Wilmshurst


Guidance for Subcommittee Convenors (first drafted June 95)

This Parish Council has no standing orders except for the financial ones below.

In case of doubt we use the sample standing orders published by the NALC.

Guidance for Councillors and Convenors
Meetings Frequency and location to be agreed by convenors and members
Authority of subcommittees In general, subcommittees have power to act within their sphere of responsibility.
Subcommittees should make recommendations to the full council on policy decisions and any other actions which would permanently affect the fabric of the village.
In cases where policy-type decisions are needed before the next full Council meeting, the convenor should attempt to contact a majority of councillors, one of whom should be the Chairman or Vice-Chairman, to agree a course of action.
Reports to full council If at all possible, to be submitted in writing before PC meetings, preferably in time for the Clerk to distribute with the meeting notices. Verbal reports acceptable when no significant business to report.
The convenor should not read his report verbatim.
The report should highlight issues which the full council should vote on.
Quorum At least half the subcommittee
PC Chairman’s attendance The Chairman is an ex-officio member of every subcommittee but will not usually attend meetings.
When attending a meeting in ex-officio capacity, the Chairman will not vote.
Spending The current financial standing orders say that, within a subcommittee’s budget, for items under £200 no competitive tendering is required. Up to £500 two quotes must be obtained, and up to £1000 three quotes. Expenditure above this limit should be referred to the full council.
Correspondence Formal correspondence concerning the business of the Council should be signed by the clerk.

  1. when the clerk sends out a letter on behalf of the council, he will note on the file copy the name of the councillor(s) who drafted and reviewed the letter, and/or a reference to the minute authorising the letter.
  2. under the “details of correspondence” item at each meeting, the clerk will circulate copies of letters sent as well as those received during the month.

Common sense should apply here. For policy statements it is appropriate that the authority for letters be recorded and that they be signed by the clerk. If you are simply confirming an appointment, for example, it makes more sense to sign a letter personally.
When in doubt, review a letter with at least one other councillor and/or consider including a phrase such as “subject to confirmation by the full council”.

Co-option Convenors may invite non-members (including non-Councillors) to subcommittee meetings. They may co-opt people onto the subcommittee subject to confirmation by the full council.
Voting Generally, subcommittees have been able to agree on a course of action without a formal vote. If a vote is requested by any member, it shall be taken and the subcommittee report shall record the number of votes for and against.
Subcommittee structure The subcommittee may make recommendations to the full council about its own structure, responsibilities, membership

Last updated by Adrian Walmsley 13 May 1997 – editorial changes 4 Aug 1997